Could These Popular Fan Theories Reveal the Secret to the Next ‘Avengers’ Movie?

We’re just going to be honest; we still haven’t recovered from Avengers: Infinity War. The Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t want us to have nice things, so they decided to crush our spirits and our souls with that heart-stopping ending. Though Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel may give us some hints about what to look forward to in the 2019 Avengers film, we’re sure the MCU is going to keep things as secretive possible.

Since MCU studio head Kevin Feige and the folks at Marvel aren’t going to throw us a bone, we’ve rounded up the best fan theories about the forthcoming Avengers flick. Perhaps these theories will give us a hint about what we’ll see in the film.

Doctor Strange saw this ending

Doctor Strange in Avengers: Infinity War

Fans could be on to something when it comes to Doctor Strange. | Marvel Studios

Toward the end of the Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange did exactly what he promised he’d never do: He turned over the Eye of Agamotto (Time Infinity Stone) to Thanos. Most of us were baffled by this odd turn of events, but according to a fan theory broken down by TheWrap, it may have been the only way.

If you recall, Strange used the Time Infinity Stone to look into the future. He reveals that he saw 14 million possible outcomes in the war with Thanos with the Avengers only winning one of those versions. It seems that for whatever reason, Thanos needed to get the Time Stone and wipe out half the population. Strange also didn’t interfere when Peter Quill lost it over Gamora’s death and began attacking Thanos, preventing the Avengers from taking back the stones.

For whatever reason, this had to happen and Tony Stark needed to be left alive in the end. After all, just as Doctor Strange fades away, he tells Tony, “This was the only way.”

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A life for a life, a soul for a soul

Chris Evans in 'Captain America: Civil War'

This could be the end of Captain America. | Marvel Studios

OK, bear with us here because this one gets a little heavy. If you recall, as Infinity War came to a close, most of the newer members of the Avengers faded while the older members stayed behind. In the film, Captain America says several times, “We don’t trade lives.” However, it looks like to keep the MCU alive, that’s exactly what they are going to have to do.

Chris Evans who plays Cap’ has repeatedly said that he’s done with the MCU after Avengers 4, so that probably means, Captain America, and the older Avengers will have to trade their lives to save the lives of the younger generation. It’s pretty dark if you ask us.

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The Soul Stone is the key

Red Skull from 'Captain America' holding the stone

Red Skull from ‘Captain America’ holding the stone | IGN via Youtube

We’re not 100% clear what the Soul Stone actually is, but here is what we do know. The Soul Stone is in some way connected to the afterlife. Therefore, the people who disappeared at the end of Infinity War could be trapped inside the Soul Stone.

They aren’t actually dead; their souls might just be trapped and restrained within the realm. When you think about it, it’s actually pretty morbid. It looks like we might see some major time travel in Avengers 4.

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Back to the beginning

The Avengers, Marvel

Could Ant-Man play a major part in the future? | Marvel Studios

One of our favorite theories leads us all the way back to 2012’s The Avengers. The paparazzi snapped some photos of Captain America, Tony Stark, Thor, and Loki hanging out in New York City in their original uniforms from the 2012 flick, but this time, Ant-Man also happened to be hanging out with them.

The photos led fans to speculate that somehow Tony and Ant-Man travel back to the Battle of New York to warn the Avengers of what’s to come. They choose this moment in the Marvel cannon because it’s the first time Thanos attempts to begin collecting the stones for his sinister purposes.

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An Infinity War do-over

Avengers: Infinity War

This image shows a lot more than you may have originally thought. | Marvel Studios

The trailer for Infinity War may have the biggest clue to Avengers 4. In a clip from the Battle of Wakanda, we can clearly see The Hulk running full speed ahead to prevent Thanos and his minions from infiltrating the African nation and getting the Mind Stone. Now that we’ve seen Infinity War, we know that in reality, The Hulk refused to come out and Bruce Banner spent the battle shielded in Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster suit.

If we do go back in time, and we get back to the Battle of Wakanda with The Hulk in fighting form, this may very well be a clip from Avengers 4.

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The resurrection of Gamora

Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War

We’re betting Gamora gets revived. | Marvel Studios

There was only one person Thanos has a soft-spot for, and it was his adopted daughter, Gamora. However, that didn’t stop him from killing her for the Soul Stone. Now that he has the Time Stone, he could potentially use it to revive her, which would give the opportunity for the Avengers to take advantage of the time travel.

Perhaps this is what Doctor Strange saw.

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The return of Vision

Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Perhaps Vision will make a return, too. | Marvel Studios

One of the more heart-breaking deaths in Infinity War was the demise of Vision. The Mind Stone was literally a part of him, so he traveled to Wakanda in an attempt to have Shuri remove it before Thanos came after him. Though Shuri wasn’t entirely successful, she did connect some neurons before Thanos arrived and plucked the stone from Vision’s skull.

Could this mean that Vision isn’t entirely dead? We have a feeling he’s connected with the defeat of Thanos in Avengers 4 in some way.

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