15 Popular Shows That Won’t Return to TV in 2018

Every new television season brings a slew of exciting freshman shows, but — unfortunately for some fans — it also brings the conclusion of some long-running favorites. Several networks have already begun announcing which titles on their respective line-ups are getting renewed and which will not be back for another season. Here are 15 popular shows that won’t return to the small screen in 2018.

1. The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley play the Salvatore brothers on The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries | The CW

The CW fantasy drama was once one of the highest-rated shows on the network, but that hasn’t been the case in recent seasons. Luckily for its devoted fans, the channel decided against abruptly canceling the series, and instead gave the show one more 16-episode season. Season 8 kicked off in fall 2016 and wrapped up in March with original lead Nina Dobrev (who exited the series after Season 6) returning as a guest star in the series finale.

2. Orphan Black 

Tatiana Maslay stars in Orphan Black on BBC America

Orphan Black | BBC America

BBC America’s cult series has earned critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase throughout its run, but the story is set to conclude for good in 2017. As announced in 2016, the Tatiana Maslany starrer will air one more 10-episode season that — as co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson described — will bring an “epic conclusion to the tale of Sarah and her clone sisters.” The show’s final run of episodes will kick off in June 2017.

3. Teen Wolf

Tyler Posey stars in Season 4 of Teen Wolf on MTV

Teen Wolf | MTV

At 2016’s San Diego Comic-Con, MTV confirmed that this favorite fantasy drama will end after its sixth season. According to the announcement, the network planned the show’s conclusion to occur after its 100th episode — a special milestone that both cast members and producers described as a “good place” to end. The final season of the show (which premiered in November 2016) is split into two 10-episode arcs, instead of telling a single story. The second part of the series will air in summer 2017.

4. Pretty Little Liars

Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, and Sasha Pieterse on Freeform's Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars | Freeform

After months of speculation, Freeform finally confirmed that its hit mystery drama, Pretty Little Liars, will end after its upcoming seventh season. The show, starring Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, and Sasha Pieterse, will air its final 10 episodes starting in April 2017.

After six seasons of non-stop drama, Season 7 will (hopefully) deliver some long-awaited answers to fans. The concluding installments will end with a special two hour series finale in mid-June of 2017.

5. Bones

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz star in Fox's Bones

Bones | Fox

Back in February 2016, it was announced that Season 12 would also be the last for Fox’s long-running drama. The move didn’t come as a huge surprise to fans, as the show had seen dipping ratings in recent seasons and the series stars had openly suggested that the drama may be approaching its end.

The final 12-episode season of Bones kicked off in January 2017, finally bringing the story of Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Booth (David Boreanaz), and the Jeffersonian FBI team to a close. While the show isn’t expected to return to the air in 2018, fans shouldn’t fret. Rumors of a potential revival have already started circulating.

6. Girls

Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke star in Girls on HBO

Girls | HBO

After earning plenty of critical acclaim in its first five seasons, Lena Dunham’s groundbreaking comedy drama will wrap up for good in the spring of 2017. HBO first confirmed that the sixth season would be the show’s last, following Dunham’s hints that Season 6 would be an ideal ending point for the series.

Girls kicked off its final 10-episode season in February, with the series finale airing in April 2017.

7. The Leftovers

Season 2 of The Leftovers on HBO

The Leftovers | HBO

After over a year off the air, the HBO drama debuted its third season in April 2017. Season 3 will consist of a total of eight episodes and will reportedly relocate all of the action to Australia. As previously announced, this will be the final run for the drama, with HBO opting not to bring the series back for more episodes in 2018.

8. Workaholics

Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, and Anders Holm star in Workaholics on Comedy Central

Workaholics | Comedy Central

The seventh season of the Comedy Central series was also be its last. The decision to end the show was reportedly made by stars, Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, and Anders Holm, who have made a name for themselves in feature films and other arenas since the series first debuted.

Though the show won’t be back in 2018, don’t worry — that won’t be the last time you see the three actors together. The trio is already planning on teaming up for a new Netflix movie titled, Game Over, Man!. 

9. Reign

Adelaide Kane plays Mary, Queen of Scots in Reign on The CW

Reign | The CW

The CW’s period drama, chronicling the story of Mary, Queen of Scots, began airing its fourth and final season in February 2017. According to Variety, the decision to make this season the last one was not totally unexpected, as the network had ongoing conversations about the show’s possible ending with producers. The final season consists of 16 episodes.

10. Bates Motel

Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore star in Bates Motel on A&E

Bates Motel | A&E

As confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con in 2016, A&E’s Bates Motel is shutting its doors after Season 5. The announcement wasn’t a shock, as executive producers Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin had long made it known that they envisioned the series to be a five-season run. Luckily for fans, the last season proved to be quite memorable, with Rihanna appearing as a surprising guest star. The fifth and final season debuted in February 2017 and consisted of 10 total episodes.

11. Longmire

Robert Taylor and Katee Sackhoff walk together sporting sheriff badges in a scene from Longmire

Longmire | Netflix

Longmire has had a complicated history, getting axed at A&E in 2014 and then picked up by Netflix later that same year. Though the crime drama may have avoided cancellation once, the same can’t be said this time around. The series, starring Robert Taylor and Katee Sackhoff, is set to air a 10-episode sixth and final season in 2017, marking a conclusion to the show’s bumpy journey. Season 6 will hit Netflix sometime in 2017, although a specific premiere date is still undetermined.

12. Switched at Birth

Vanessa Marano and Katie Leclerc lay on the grass in a poster for Switched at Birth on Freeform

Switched at Birth | Freeform

This veteran Freeform series also won’t be returning in 2018. The family drama kicked off its fifth and final season in late January, following a lengthy, year-long hiatus. While the season marked the end for the show, it also featured plenty of memorable moments for fans. The 10-episode farewell season included the show’s 100th episode, as well as a special 90-minute series finale in April 2017.

13. Episodes

Matt LeBlanc holds up his hands while talking to a woman in Episodes

Episodes | Showtime

The Showtime comedy, starring Matt LeBlanc as a charming but highly arrogant actor who’s trying for a comeback, will return for a fifth and final season. Though the show has never been a big ratings earner for the network, it’s been an awards favorite, with LeBlanc earning four Emmy nods for the series.

The final seven-episode run begins on Aug. 20, following a lengthy hiatus.

14. Halt and Catch Fire

The cast of 'Halt and Catch Fire' in a messy room with the words 'Welcome to Mutiny' spray painted behind them.

Halt and Catch Fire | AMC

AMC‘s Halt and Catch Fire is halting for good. The channel’s acclaimed drama will air its fourth and final season this year. The show’s final run, designed to “write the series focused on the dawn of the computer industry in the 1980s in Texas and California to conclusion,” will consist of 10 episodes.

15. The Get Down 

Two men in red and white spinning playing music surrounded by recording equipment

The Get Down | Netflix

Netflix pulled the plug on Baz Luhrmann’s ambitious musical drama in May 2017 — just a month after the release of the second half of Season 1. Netflix doesn’t release its ratings, but the cancellation may have been partly due to the high cost of the show. The Get Down was among Netflix’s most expensive shows, with Season 1 costing about $120 million to produce.

Luhrmann’s busy schedule also played a part in the series cancellation, preventing him from being able to commit to Season 2 full-time. “This exclusivity has understandably become a sticking point for Netflix and Sony, who have been tremendous partners and supporters of the show,” Lurhmann wrote in a Facebook post announcing the cancellation. “It kills me that I can’t split myself into two and make myself available to both productions… But the simple truth is, I make movies.”