Popular TV Shows That Are Getting Major Cast Changes Next Season

Many of your favorite TV shows will look different when they return. In some cases, a cast member is leaving or being fired, and shows will go on without them. But we can’t see how a few series can continue, especially one huge cast change that will devastate fans (page 10). Here’s a look at the beloved shows with major switch-ups next season.

1. The Walking Dead

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene and Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes | Gene Page/AMC
  • Out: Lauren Cohan and Andrew Lincoln
  • In: Avi Nash and Callan McAuliffe (promoted to series regulars)

Fans will see Lauren Cohan (Maggie Rhee) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) bow out in Season 9. Now Cohan stars in ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier, but she may return for occasional cameos. Viewers will see Norman Reedus (Darryl Dixon) in a bigger role. With an ever-rotating cast, Lincoln explains The Walking Dead best: “This has always been an ensemble, and it will continue to be an ensemble. No one is bigger than the story, and the story this year is unbelievable.”

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