‘Pose’ Season 2 Finale: Who Won the Coveted Mother of the Year Award?

The Pose Season 2 finale began with a sick Blanca operating her salon in her house because her children moved out. After eight months of not seeing or speaking to Pray Tell, he walked into her home, and they embraced, admitting they missed each other.

She updated him on the House of Evangelista children, and he told her Ricky had a set of keys although he hadn’t moved in yet. Also in the Season 2 finale, Damon visited from Paris, and Frederica Norman was arrested for setting the salon on fire. What else happened? Keep reading to find out.

Pose Season 2 finale
Dominique Jackson, who portrays Elektra Abundance on POSE | Sean Drakes/Getty Images

Angel Evangelista is outed on the ‘Pose’ Season 2 finale

Because Angel hadn’t received a call for a gig from Miss Ford, she decided to pay her agent a visit. As it turns out, a boy from ballroom worked on one of Angel’s photoshoots and outed her to the creative director. Therefore, all the other clients pulled her contracts claiming misrepresentation.

The model cried to her boyfriend, defeated, believing everything she worked so hard for was over. Staying true to his promise to always look after Angel, he decided to become a talent agent himself.

Lil Papi created a talent agency on the ‘Pose’ Season 2 finale

Papi and Angel then went back to Miss Ford and asked her for a partnership for his company, Esteban Martinez Talent Management. She promised him she would consider it if he booked a job for one of her girls within two weeks.

The young businessman went to work and quickly found a job for Angel: a soda infomercial in Berlin. Initially, the model became concerned they would expose her secret as well. However, Papi assured her he already told the creative director that Angel is trans, and they loved it.

The couple then both professed their love for each other before asking each other to marry each other at the same time.

Annual Mother of the Year Award goes to…

Elektra Wintour! Pray Tell commended her for creating a house out of thin air and supporting the ballroom children. The house mother started the season off rough, as she annoyed Pray Tell for being selfish and not participating in the protest.

She then fell on even harder times and had to rely on her former children including Blanca Evangelista and Candy and Lulu Ferocity. Determined to get back on her feet, Elektra found several children to fill each ballroom category, thus creating the House of Wintour.

Additionally, Elektra pushed her child, Ricky, as he competed against his ex-boyfriend, Damon, for a spot on Madonna’s “Blond Ambition” tour. Finally, in the last episode, she took Blanca, Lulu, and Angel on a much-needed vacation to the beach.

Throughout the season, Elektra has changed into a more caring and giving mother, which is why she earned the award this year.

The gentlemen and ladies of the ball switched roles

Blanca became very ill and had to check into the hospital. Pray Tell invited Lulu, Angel, and Elektra to her room to give Blanca company and ask them why they hadn’t been attending the balls lately.

Blanca claimed she wasn’t going because she didn’t have any children to walk the categories with, and Lulu and Elektra said it was now a “boy’s club.” They pointed out the fact that there is a male emcee and all the judges are men.

Pray brought it up to the ballroom committee, also full of men, and they came up with the idea to walk in drag. Even though Pray Tell said he didn’t want to trivialize what women went through by “dressing up in a wig,” the others convinced him it was about solidarity and understanding.

While Elektra taught them how to walk in heels, Pray Tell got embarrassed and walked out. However, at the Mother’s Day ball, he finally allowed himself to experience his feminity without the fear of judgment.

Additionally, Elektra served as the emcee and Angel, Blanca, and other house mothers were the judges of the night. When Pray Tell and Blanca left, they noticed two teenagers who had been kicked out of their homes and were sleeping on piers.

Blanca seemed to take Damon’s advice to reopen House of Evangelista as the episode ended with her taking them to get food.