2019 Emmy Nominated Series ‘Pose’ Will Probably Not Return For a Fourth Season: Here’s Why

Pose made television history in 2017 by casting five transgender actresses as regular characters in a series. However, the remarkable, and sometimes funny, stories of people who choose life in the face of darkness at the direction of Janet Mock is what earned the series six 2019 Emmy Award nominations their first year of eligibility.

In a conversation about the groundbreaking show with Emmy-nominated actor Billy Porter, director Ryan Murphy explained when he envisioned the series ending. Keep reading to find out.

Pose Season 4
Billy Porter and Producer Ryan Murphy | Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Where did the second season of ‘Pose’ end?

After Candy Ferocity’s unexpected death in Episode 4, the community came closer together; notably, when Pray Tell’s health declined from his new AIDS medication.

Elektra Abundance stopped crashing at her former children’s houses and created another one of her own, the House of Wintour, earning the coveted Mother of the Year Award.

Blanca decided to follow her dreams and rented a space for her salon. However, her racist and homophobic landlord, Frederica Norman, burned it down.

Because Damon is in Europe on tour and Angel and Lil Papi are now engaged, living on their own, and operating a talent management company, Blanca re-opened the salon in her home.

She also mended her relationship with Pray Tell after they fell out when the emcee became romantically involved with Damon’s ex-boyfriend, Ricky. The series’ second season ended with Blanca recovering, and moving on by mothering other homeless children, and Ricky and Pray Tell trying to figure out their newfound love.

Ryan Murphy and Billy Porter discussed Pray Tell’s future

In the interview, Porter claimed a reason why Pose is so loved is because people can find healing through it. He recalled a conversation with a friend, who grew up in the AIDS epidemic, who thanked Porter for Pose because it made him realize he never properly grieved over those he lost.

The actor hopes to continue Tell’s story with the emcee finding love and holding on to it because those living with AIDS are so busy surviving that they forget how to live.

Another reason why Pose is so powerful is because they can have conversations that still resonate with viewers today. For example, Season 2 began with the discussion of cultural appropriation and continued throughout the season because voguing became extremely popular and sought after when the Madonna song was number one, but quickly faded once it wasn’t in style anymore.

From white rappers to the Kardashians wearing braids, the conversation of cultural appropriation, and what it means, is still as relevant today.

Porter wants to capitalize off this and have an episode, that he possibly directs, where Pray Tell has an open dialogue with the black church. The actor said it’s still an issue because his mother recently received a call from someone in her church, apologizing to her for having a gay son.

Ryan Murphy explained when ‘Pose’ would end

The first season of Pose is set in 1987 to 1988, and the second season picked up in 1991. The show has already been renewed for a third season, and then Murphy confirmed the series would end in 1996 when AIDS medication became more easily accessible.

If he sticks to the timeline of the previous seasons where one season spans two years, and then picks up three years later, Season 3 should start around 1994 and end around 1996.

Unless the director changes the timeline or chooses to have a fourth season that spans only one year, viewers may see their favorite series end after the next season. To see if Billy Porter and the cast of Pose take home a 2019 Emmy, watch the awards show on September 22nd at 8 p.m. EST on FOX.