Postcoital Plans: What Are the Stars of ‘Californication’ Up to Next?

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Showtime’s dramedy about the sex addict novelist Hank Moody recently came to an end after seven seasons. The show follows Moody, a writer loosely based on Charles Bukowski who suffers from writer’s block and a crippling inability to be loyal to his longtime girlfriend and mother of his daughter, things he blames on the hedonistic city of Los Angeles as well as his own personal demons. Californication is best known for featuring lots of fornication, as Moody beds a huge variety of women over the course of seven seasons. The show has been praised for the strong performances from its lead actors as well as witty writing that includes frequent references to rock and roll history and culture. Here’s what the series’ actors will be doing now that the show has reached its conclusion.

Source: Showtime

Hank Moody (David Duchovny)

Duchovny is best known both for portraying the self-loathing, sex-addicted writer Hank Moody and for his role as Fox Mulder on The X-Files. Next up for the actor is another television series, NBC’s 1960s period crime drama Aquarius, in which he will play a police detective named Sam Hodiak looking for a missing girl. Through his search, he and his partner end up stumbling upon infamous murder Charles Manson and his brainwashed cult of young women.

The actor said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone that he was drawn to Hodiak because the character is so different from both Moody and Mulder. “And I think Moody was as far from Mulder as I could get,” he said. “Whereas Mulder could have been a virgin — we’re not sure — Hank Moody certainly was not. And this cop, he’s not Robocop, he’s not completely straight-up; he’s got his demons but it’s a different world, it’s a different style of acting. It’s going to be very different. I like the challenge.”

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Karen (Natascha McElhone)

Californication is well known for the wide assortment of crazy women Moody beds, but the main conflict was always his relationship with former partner Karen, who is also the mother of his daughter, Becca. Moody’s on-and-off relationship with Karen, who he knows is the true love of his life but finds himself unable to be loyal to, was the driving conflict of the series. “The bright lights and the big city aspect of this show has always been sex and nudity,” Duchovny said in a recent interview with Time. “If it were to attain a legacy, I’d be happy if it was, ‘That show that was really funny about a family and felt really true.’”

Karen is played by Natascha McElhone, who you might also recognize as the love interest of Jim Carrey in The Truman Show. Her next project is Carpet Boy, a film based on the true story of Iqal Masih, a Pakistani child who was sold into slave labor at the age of 4 and later became a symbol for abusive child labor practices in developing countries.

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Becca Moody (Madeleine Martin)

Becca is Hank’s wise and moody daughter with Karen, who often serves as her wayward father’s moral compass though he doesn’t listen to her advice as much as he should. Martin didn’t appear in much of the seventh season and told TVLand that she had dark hopes that writers would off Becca at the last minute. “I thought it would have been really great and dramatic if Becca was hit by a bus or something and Hank was distraught. That would have been really exciting,” Martin said.

The young actress has a busy schedule on her plate, with the Lifetime movie My Daughter Must Live, in which she plays a teenage dancer with terminal liver cancer, coming out later this month. Martin is also busy at work filming the second season of the Netflix original horror series Hemlock Grove. She takes on the lead role of Shelley, a Frankenstein-esque monster, which requires hours of prosthetics and makeup. “I sympathized with the character immediately: this girl who doesn’t look like a girl, and she’s rejected by society because of her appearance. She just wants to be a normal teenage girl,” Martin told Yahoo. The actress also has plans to start college and continue her work in the theater.

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Charlie Runkle (Evan Handler)

Charlie Runkle is Moody’s friend and agent with a penchant for comedic bumbling mistakes, including getting fired for office masturbation and spending he and his wife’s nest egg financing an upscale porno titled Vaginatown. Runkle and Moody form a bond over the fact that they generally try the patience of the people they love most until those people can’t take them anymore.

Handler is also known for his role as Charlotte York’s attorney husband, Harry Goldenblatt, on Sex and the City. He is also a writer, having penned two memoirs about his battle with and recovery from leukemia, has written for publications including Elle and O, and is a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post. Handler doesn’t currently have any movie or TV projects in the works.

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Marcy Runkle (Pamela Adlon)

Marcy is a foul-mouthed bikini waxer, the on-and-off wife of Charlie, and friend to both Hank and Karen. Adlon has had a long career in television, particularly in voice acting, and won an Emmy for her role as the voice of Bobby Hill on the popular animated series King of the Hill. The actress also plays Pamela on Louis C.K.’s critically acclaimed series Louie, and provides the voice of several characters on the animated show Bob’s Burgers. Post-Californication, Adlon will continue to appear on Louie, which just wrapped its fourth season, as well as her voice work on Bob’s Burgers.

“I mean, I could just keep going forever on everything, because I love working. It’s great, and it’s fun. If these guys are done telling the story, I definitely feel like we’ve told a lot of fun stories. It’s been amazing, but there’s only so much coke you can do and so many nasty sexual situations you can get yourself into,” Adlon said of Californication ending in an interview with A.V. Club, in which she also described some of her most awkward, NSFW moments filming the series.

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