‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Drops Midseason Trailer With Effie, Backstabbing, and Shots Fired

Power Book II: Ghost returns to Starz in December, two months after leaving fans with a cliffhanger.

Viewers are ready to ride out the rest of Tariq’s first chapter as Tasha’s savior and budding junior kingpin but know that there will be some more casualties and close calls. Five episodes remain in the season which will reconvene on Dec. 6. Starz dropped a fresh trailer that has fans both worried and excited.  

Power Book 2
Power Book II: Ghost promo | Courtesy of Starz

Midseason trailer sees Effie return, Tariq in too deep

The audience could guess it would probably be a matter of time before Effie entered the picture with a more substantial role in Tariq’s scheme.

In the trailer, she asks him about doing something he has to do versus what he wants to do. Does that mean she’s in the same boat and is dealing drugs to get herself out of a tough situation?

Fans will find out, but Tariq has more pressing issues. Flashes of Brayden in the clip make us think he may be in trouble as he gets a taste of Cane. Professor Jabari gets in Tariq’s business, Monet shoots someone, and Tasha threatens the Tejadas. Things are definitely heating up.

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After watching, people want to know who Monet shoots, where Cane takes Tariq and Brayden, and whether MacLean has something tricky planned.

Where things left off with Tariq, Tasha, and crew

Before going on the break, Power Book II saw Davis and Saxe shake on a deal to take Tariq down. It’s unclear whether either of them will honor their word, but the audience knows what Tariq doesn’t: Davis MacLean can’t be trusted and Saxe has a shoddy recording.

Further, Brayden’s brother snatched the boys’ stash from that hiding spot, and now the pair will have to figure how to recoup the supply and the lost profits. That’s probably where Effie comes in. With Riley still in the mix feeding intel to Saxe, there are plenty of terrible turns that the plot can take, including one that jeopardizes Brayden.

Monet gave Tariq a gun—not the one Diana stole from his bag—which may or may not lead to complications, and she started to see what he’s made of in terms of being in the game.

Professors Plagiarizer and Milgram are not playing fair with their students, so perhaps that will blow up in someone’s face. Based on a scene in that trailer, Zeke and Milgram are engaging in a full blown affair.

And Tariq’s little love triangle irritated Diana but was cool with Lauren. However, his lifestyle may get in the way. That brings things back to worry wort Tasha who’s carrying stress about the Tejadas and trying to beat her case. Many fans are waiting for Tommy to show up in the perfect moment.

How to watch ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Viewers can catch up on the first five episodes of the series by streaming it via a Starz add-on on Hulu, Sling, or Amazon, or watch it on the Starz app. The show returns on Dec. 6 at 8 p.m. EST to finish up the season’s 10 episodes.