‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Teaser Trailer Drops; Here’s What Was Revealed

Starz just gifted Power fans with the release date for Power Book II: Ghost by sharing a post on its multiple social media channels.

The graphics featured Michael Rainey Jr.’s Tariq St. Patrick in the center, reminding viewers who is taking up Ghost’s mantle. After revealing that the sequel will arrive in September, the network then urged fans to download the Starz app.

Why? We know the show isn’t on the air and for many, Power was the only reason to use the app. But Starz and the rest of the Power family dropped a first look teaser trailer for the spinoff, and it provides just enough content to start forming fan theories. We love those.

Here’s a taste of what’s in the teaser trailer.

Naturi Naughton
Naturi Naughton of ‘Power’ | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ

Tariq and his sister attend THE funeral

In case anyone was still confused about whether Ghost really died, you can rest assured that he’s in a casket.

The opening scene in the teaser shows Tariq and his often-neglected baby sister Yasmine standing over their father’s coffin. Steel-faced, they hold hands and solemnly watch Ghost get lowered into the ground. That is the ultimate confirmation that he’s gone.

On the bright side, maybe the audience will see more Yas in the upcoming series.

Tameika questions Tasha in jail

Remember Tameika Robinson? The former U.S. district attorney moved into private practice and was gearing up to represent Cooper Saxe. He’s back at the job, but somebody on Power may require her services.

In the teaser, she is seated across from Tasha—who’s outfitted in an orange jumpsuit—and asks, “How did you know James would be alone? Someone else was there… Is it your son?”

Tasha’s face just about gives something away, but will she crack? Further, is Tameika her lawyer or working for someone else? There was also a glimpse of Tasha in one of her wigs and purple lipstick, an indication that she either gets dressed up for court or is let out on bail.  

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Someone is on a hit list

It’s not clear who is the target of the caravan of armed guys cruising the streets, but Saxe and Tariq’s faces were tossed out there in separate frames to build suspense. Some new gun-toting characters are out for blood, and one man has his gun pointed at someone.

Who do they work for? It’s anyone’s guess, but they could be tied to the first chapter of Power.

Tariq is determined to help Tasha

“I have to do anything to help my mother,” Tariq says. We see him running, stashing money, and possibly handling a pistol. Obviously, he’s trying to help Tasha beat her case. He is also trying to set up a deal with Mary J. Blige’s character, Monet.

That may backfire on him, because she flashes on the screen saying to an unknown figure, “I need to know everything you know about Tariq St. Patrick.”

Method Man is also featured in the trailer and his character, shady attorney Davis Maclean, is chatting about “a woman under siege.” We wouldn’t be surprised if he’s talking about Tasha.

If you want to follow Tariq’s story, check out Power Book II when it hits Starz in September.

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