‘Power’ Showrunner Courtney Kemp Discussed Ghost’s Possible Death and Upcoming Spin-Off Series

Showrunner and creator, Courtney Kemp, already warned the viewers that Power Season 6 would be the bloodiest season yet. She has delivered on that promise with fan-favorites LaKeisha Grant and Joe Proctor, and several more, suffering violent deaths at the hands of Tommy Egan, James St. Patrick, and even his ex-wife, Tasha.

In the mid-season finale, St. Patrick’s transgressions finally caught up to him when he was shot in the chest on the balcony of his club, and then fell, seemingly, to his death.

In an interview with Deadline, Kemp discussed the status of Ghost and the upcoming spin-offs.

Courtney Kemp
Courtney A. Kemp | Efren Landaos

‘Power’ Season 6 mid-season finale ends with Ghost shot in the chest

In Power Season 6 Episode 10, Loretta Walsh publicly named James St. Patrick as her running mate, much to the dismay of several people who were close to the businessman.

Meanwhile, the FBI office is working overtime, with the help of an unemployed Cooper Saxe, to try to nail St. Patrick for the murder of Terry Silver.

Sergeant Rodriguez and Saxe coerced a false statement from Rashard Tate to obtain a search warrant. When they searched St. Patrick’s hotel, the police found blood on the bottom of one of his shoes and Silver’s phone that Andre Coleman planted, courtesy of Saxe. Rodriguez and Warner soon realized that the former prosecutor was illegally obtaining information on St. Patrick.

Still, they attempted to use it anyway to get an arrest warrant from the judge. However, after they already falsely accused the businessman of Greg Knox’s murder, the judge denied it.

While the FBI office is trying to put St. Patrick behind bars, he’s trying to tie up all the frayed ends of his life, which includes cutting Tommy Egan off and getting his son to confess to Ray Ray’s murder so that he can continue his political career.

In the last few minutes of the episode, as St. Patrick is closing up his club, one of the many people he’s hurt decided it was time for revenge and shot the businessman in the chest.

Courtney Kemp discussed Ghost’s shooting and spin-offs

In an interview with Deadline, Kemp acknowledged Ghost’s shooting, but she says it doesn’t necessarily mean he was killed. However, Kemp did confirm that Ghost will be in the rest of the five episodes.

Even though they have several different alternate endings in case anything leaks, Kemp said she always wanted an episode to end like this. “It’s inevitable that Ghost was going to run into a situation that he can’t get his way out of. We’ve seen him slip out of every possible situation, every possible bind. I mean, at some point, it has to catch up with him, does it not?”

Additionally, she asserts that “a show committed to vengeance and greed” couldn’t have a happy ending where “Ghost and Angela ride off into the sunset together.”

Finally, Kemp confirmed “all the clues are there,” so anyone can figure out the shooter. When it comes to the already greenlit spin-off series, Kemp said “throwing off expectations” is one of her biggest challenges, especially for the highly anticipated Mary J. Blige led Power Book II: Ghost.

She also gave slight clues about what to expect for the spin-offs, noting that one takes place slightly in the future, whereas the other focuses on the past.