‘Power’: Episode 13 Squashes Conspiracy, Fans Point Finger at THE 2 Likely Suspects

Ever since the mid-season finale aired in November, the collective Power fan base has been playing the “Who Shot Ghost?” game. Along with guessing who pulled the trigger, some people were debating the reality of Ghost being dead. He’s gone, ya’ll. It is official. You’ve seen the blood, you’ve seen the body.

Ghost/James St. Patrick is dead, and everyone had their own reaction to watching him take his last breath. This week’s episode of Power finally killed those conspiracy theories that it was a hoax, a dream, or a ruse by law enforcement.

Now that it’s been established Ghost is indeed dead and Tommy didn’t do it, viewers can move on—those who are sticking with the show—to nailing the identity of the shooter. Technically, there are four suspects left, but the majority of the fandom feel they know who’s guilty.

Joseph Sikora as Tommy in 'Power'
Joseph Sikora as Tommy in ‘Power’ | Starz

Who’s left in the lineup?

If you’re operating by the people who were shown at the end of episode 10, then three of the seven original suspects have been eliminated. There are four left: Saxe, Councilman Tate, Tasha, and Tariq.

Casino.org even took the time to analyze each person, their threat levels, murder track records, and weapons of choice. Based on that information, Tate and Saxe sit at the bottom of the list, with Tariq and Tasha being deemed as bigger threats. Marinate on that for a moment.

Most fans are betting on the baby

It’s not Yasmine who we’re speaking of here. Your gut has been telling you who shot Ghost. The show has been leading everyone to believe it for a while, and the seeds were planted last season.

You know we’re talking about Tariq, but did he do it? He really hates Ghost. In episode 13, he tried to convince Tommy to let Dre kill Ghost, and then ratted on Tommy to Vincent by giving him his whereabouts.

He did not want Tommy in the way; he didn’t want him at Truth to protect Ghost. So, does that mean he went to the club to put a bullet in him? Fans think he is the one and the final episodes are leading up to the inevitable revelation: Tariq killed his dad and narrowly escaped the wrath of Tommy.

Fans think Tasha did it or helped

The other option? Tasha killed Ghost—after Tommy let her live—so he wouldn’t make Tariq confess to Ray Ray’s murder. Or, the other going fan theory is that Tariq did it, and Tasha is covering for him.

She’s already teaching him how to make it in the drug game, and most viewers believe Tariq is being primed to become the next incarnation of Ghost. That is spinoff material being handed to you in a basket.

We’ll say it again about Tate and Saxe

Is Saxe really a threat? Judging by Ghost’s dying words to Tommy that pleaded with him not to kill the shooter, no one thinks it’s Saxe. Fans find him to be disposable and not someone Ghost would be ok with “letting go.”

The same holds true for Tate. But that shocked expression of “What?!” that Tommy grunted out as he aimed his gun upward at the villain could’ve been meant for the unassuming dirty politician. Possibly.

Next week’s episode will cover Tate and Saxe, so fans will have their theories confirmed or disproved, but for the most part, people believe Tariq did it, and that’s that.