‘Power’ Episode 8 Recap: [Spoiler] Dead At the Hands of A Friend

As you are well aware, Power players love to backstab and twist the knife while they’re doing it, and for the most part, they get away with it. While viewers largely regarded last week’s episode as a snooze, it served to move the story along for this week’s inevitable sequence of events. Not only are the characters being set up, but so are the fans—for the rest of the series.

Showrunner Courtney Kemp promised that episode eight would have a big death in it, and she delivered. We’re just not sure if any of you are as hurt about it as you were about Proctor. Here we go.

Joseph Sikora
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Dre’s desperation is palpable, Keisha is trying to adjust, Saxe faces reality

First, the show’s resident sucker runs up on Saxe to demand he remove the ankle monitor. Of course, the answer from the suspended agent was no. Since that didn’t work, Dre then calls Ghost and demands that he take Saxe out. Unsurprisingly, that was a no too, with Ghost saying he’s not messing with law enforcement or dealing with anyone who’s chipped. Dre, as always, is mad.

In the suburbs, Keisha and Cash are trying to get acclimated to the new neighborhood, and she expressed concerns about them being black in a non-diverse neighborhood. Tommy advises Cash that if anyone gives him problems, especially the police, to come and tell him.

Saxe pays a visit to old colleague Tameka who now works in the private sector as an attorney. She tells him he either needs to prove that Tommy killed Angela or Proctor to save his job or prepare to go to prison for witness tampering and other crimes. She says Warner will not hesitate to prosecute him.

Tariq keeps bucking up, Keisha is tested

With desperation the theme of the day, Saxe sneaks his way into Tariq’s school to press him for information on Proctor’s shooting. Tariq tells him to kick rocks and threatens legal action. He backs off but then rolls to Keisha and Tommy’s house to harass her about Tommy’s crimes. She blows him off too.

In an odd exchange, one of Tariq’s new teachers tries to shake him down for some drugs and tells him he knows all about his enterprise back at Choate. He tells him he could make a lot of money on campus, then searches Tariq’s bag and finds nothing. It gives Tariq pause.

Back in the ‘burbs, Tommy’s mother comes to the house to disturb the peace. She rolls in with her luggage with the intention to move in, but Keisha tells her she has to leave. That’s when petty Kate drops the bombshell that Tommy killed the last girlfriend, Holly, “with his bare hands” for being disloyal. Keisha doesn’t show it, but she’s shaken and throws Kate out. She’s sticking by her man.

Tariq tells his mom about Saxe’s visit, and she’s proud of him for how he handled it. She then gives him lessons about drug dealing and reiterates that he shouldn’t lie, steal, or use.

During her chat with her son, Tasha learns that Keisha told Tommy that Tariq stole from him, and she notes Tommy could’ve killed him. He also tells her about the teacher looking to score drugs, and she warns him to check the man out first.

The investigation gets thicker

Fast forward to Saxe visiting Rodriguez at home looking for help to nail Tommy. They swap notes and Rodriguez finds out that Tommy and Keisha have the house deed in both names, and she gets the details on how to find Dre. They want to find the link between Tariq, Kanan, Ray-Ray, and Tommy. She tracks Dre down who snitches on Tariq in exchange for getting Saxe in trouble and the ankle monitor taken off. They make a deal.

Ghost/James—with the help of Derek the staffer—purposely sabotages Tate’s live debate by having a heated discussion backstage with Tate’s mic on. Tate calls his opponent a b**** and gets caught. The event is shut down and it looks like Tate’s run is a wrap.

Tariq snoops through his teacher’s belongings and finds out the guy comes from an affluent family who got in trouble with the law. He’s in serious debt, so the kid decides he’s a candidate to rope into the game. Tariq and Tasha devise a plan to turn the teacher into a seller while they remain incognito.

Ramona wants Tate to drop out of the race at the behest of the DNC. She notes that James St. Patrick is beloved by the people right now, and if he deflects, Tate is done. Tate wants to clean up his mess but is anti-James. Ramona doesn’t think a kumbaya session with James will work, but Tate wants to manipulate things with him so he can stay in the polls. They agree to set a meeting/press op.

Keisha gets pressed by the cops

This is where things fall apart. Keisha, in the car with her son, gets pulled over by Rodriguez and a child services worker. They put Cash in a cop car, while Rodriguez threatens Keisha with prison time, financial ruin, and foster care for being an accomplice to Tommy. She brings up money laundering through her shop, the house deed, and manipulates her into believing Tommy is out to protect only himself.

Against her better judgement, she buys into it and signs papers under duress stating that she’ll be a witness against Tommy. In turn, they won’t arrest her on the spot or take her son away. Scared, she tells her son not to tell anyone what happened.

But that doesn’t happen. Cash innocently tells Tommy about the encounter when he drops him off at basketball practice. Tommy goes home and angrily questions Keisha and wants to know what she told them. She defends herself by saying she didn’t want to say anything because she knows what happened to Holly and didn’t want to break his trust.

He softens up and realizes that Keisha has been loyal to him. He calms down and tells her he’s got her and she doesn’t have to worry about anything, including the house he paid off in case something happens to him.

Tommy hits Ghost for help, Rodriguez keeps annoying everyone

Tommy tries to convince Ghost to take out Saxe, but Ghost shuts it down with the “no hurting law enforcement” rule. Just then Rodriguez walks into the club to talk about the penthouse shooting, Tariq, and Ray-Ray’s murder. He blows her off and leaves, and when he does, she shadily picks up a glass to take a DNA sample.

Keisha calls the sergeant to back out of the witness protection agreement but is told officers are on the way. Keisha tries to stall by saying she has to pick up her son, but Rodriguez warns her that if she reneges, the deal is off.

We guess Ghost changed his mind about Saxe, because he misses the meeting with Tate to help Tommy torture him for a few minutes. They almost kill him, but Ghost decides he wants him alive at the last minute to use as an inside man. Saxe lives, but Rodriguez turns on him.

She assists Dre with wiggling free from “protective custody” and has him sign a complaint against Saxe, but warns him that he better answer the phone when she calls.

Tasha gets really bold, Ghost and Saxe lose

Ghost calls Tasha to update her on the info that Saxe has on Tariq. He points out that cops threatened Keisha about taking away Cash, which means she might not be willing to be Tariq’s alibi for the Ray-Ray killing. Ghost tells Tasha to convince Keisha to stay on their side.

Rodriguez visits Tasha immediately after that phone call to say they found Tariq’s blood at the scene and there’s a witness saying Kanan wasn’t in town. Tasha wonders who the witness could be.

Ghost, who was a no-show to Tate’s press op, finds out that Tate canceled all permits and funds for the Queens Child Project. It’s retaliation for doing him dirty and ending his gubernatorial run. Back at the federal office, Saxe gets fired and Warner is unwilling to listen to new information.

It’s another story at Tommy and Keisha’s house. While Tommy and Cash are hanging out at the mall and shopping for an engagement ring, Tasha bangs on their door. She learns Keisha signed witness papers and thinks she’s ready to flip on Tariq, but Keisha explains it’s about Tommy.

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Unmoved, she won’t let Keisha take her luggage and run. She snatches the keys and says they have to wait for Tommy. Keisha idiotically and conspicuously glances at her bag where the gun is stashed, leading Tasha to say, “What’s in your bag, Keish?” A fight ensues while they both try to go for the gun, and they tussle for it. Keisha winds up getting shot in the torso. The old friends look upset.

Bleeding and pleading on the floor, she implores Tasha not to shoot her again, and to think of Cash. For a moment, Tasha looks sad, but then, in the words of Mobb Deep, her “warm heart turns cold.” She says, “I’m sorry” and shoots Keisha in the head.

When Tommy gets home, ring in hand, he notices something is off. He rushes Cash back into the car, goes inside, and finds his lady dead on the floor. Blood is everywhere, he drops to his knees, and you know Tommy has snapped. Farewell Keisha, and farewell truce.

Bear in mind there are two episodes left before the show takes a break and airs its last five before wrapping up this journey. Stay tuned to see who else will be sent to the afterlife before the end of 2019. You know it’s coming.