‘Power’ Season 6, Episode 6 Recap: Inside Man

How is everyone doing after Proctor’s death last week? While some fans are still processing that loss, the griminess continues to spin in the world of Power. Seemingly unaffected and unfazed by the fact that his penthouse is riddled with bullet holes and such, Ghost found himself shoulder to shoulder with Tommy at the end of episode 5. Objective: Get Tariq.

Michael Rainey, Jr.
Michael Rainey, Jr. of ‘Power’ | Bennett Raglin/WireImage

It’s all a game

Oh, the games Tariq likes to play when he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. He’s in on trying to pinch his father for $2 million by way of Vincent. That move answers the fan question of who would want to pay that much for him, but little does he know that while he’s scheming on Ghost, Vincent’s scheming on him.

As tonight’s part of the opera kicks off, Ghost and a belligerent Tommy scramble to scrape up the money. Ghost goes to Tate and blackmails him into giving him $1 million, while Tommy buys up all of Jason’s product (which makes the Serbian drug lord suspicious). Ghost then recruits Dre to help move all that weight.

It takes some convincing, but Tommy gets his guys to work on credit. However, it feels like dissension is growing with 2-Bit and Spanky.

Elsewhere, Sergeant Rodriguez and another cop pull Ghost over (which is weird protocol) to ask him about the penthouse shooting. They know the door was left unlocked and want to talk to Tariq. We never find out what he tells them.

Tasha tries to take power

Meanwhile, Vincent visits an uninformed Tasha on the street (at Tariq’s behest) to tell her to make sure the guys stick to the deal for Tariq. Angered, she in turn goes see the “brothers” at Tommy’s place and learns about the ransom.

She offers to clean money through her daycare, Keisha says no, but Tommy makes Keisha go along with it. Something tells us having Keisha involved is going to blow up in his face.

Back at Tate’s headquarters, Ramona, James/Ghost, and Tate are strategizing for the fundraiser. Against Tate’s wishes, Ghost talks them into accepting cash donations.

Everyone is selling

While working on the salon’s books, Keisha and Tasha get the idea to have the stripper mom sell more product. At this point, everyone is selling everywhere. Dre is even killing the competition. Somehow, they collect all the funds.

Ghost and Tommy have an odd, tender moment about their rift in the car on the way to get Tariq, but a ceasefire won’t happen, per Tommy. Suddenly, Jason and his goons roll up on them and rob them of half the money.

They still decide to take half the ransom to Vincent, who takes his anger out on Tariq by beating him with a pillowcase full of oranges. Tariq learns who’s really in charge.

After the women learned what happened, Tasha is forced to admit she has a drug connect. Ghost gets all narcissistic and tells her she’s foul for moving product without telling him, but she’s unwilling share details.

She gets drugs from Zig, and Ghost somehow gets Proctor’s cousin, Benny, to help move it. One of things he does is tell Benny that “Igor” was looking for Proctor and the one looking to kill him. He honestly believes that’s who was after his attorney.

The cops have more questions

In the middle of all of it, the sergeant questions Tasha about the shooting, but she didn’t know Proctor was dead. They again request to speak to Tariq. After Tasha confronts Ghost about it, they decide to talk Vincent into letting them “borrow” Tariq from his kidnapping so he can talk to the cops.

Tasha accompanies him to a sit-down with Rodriguez and Detective McCall, and he makes up a story about a racist guy living in the building who he doesn’t want to see in the elevator. That’s why he used the back door to get hot chocolate. Going by the look on her face, the sergeant doesn’t believe him.

Tasha learns from Tariq that Vincent plans to kill all three of them anyway, ransom or not.

The foursome regroup

With Tate breathing down Ghost’s neck to get his million back and Zig’s 2-star product not selling, Tasha, Ghost, Tommy, and Keisha need to figure out how to make all $2 million: half for Tate, half for Vincent.

Tasha thinks it’s a bright idea to hit the fundraiser at Truth. We viewers and Keisha don’t think so. Plan B? Take one of Vincent’s guys as insurance.

At the fundraiser, Dre and 2-Bit see each other which is a problem since Dre isn’t supposed to be around at all. 2-Bit, gun in hand, tries to look for him outside, but can’t find him.

Then it cuts to 2-Bit, Spanky, Alphonse, and the rest of the guys suiting up to rob Truth. They go in with guns raised, and while the attendees look shocked, Tate looks suspicious and mad.

While the crew is collecting money and jewelry, Tate figures out Alphonse’s identity. For some reason, he’s lingering and harassing Ramona after the other robbers roll out.

James hands Tate a gun and tries to talk a masked Alphonse into leaving, who hits him with a gun. With James on the floor, Tate raises the pistol and, calling out his name, tells Alphonse to drop the gun.  

He swings the rifle around and aims at Tate, who shoots first. Alphonse is dead, but Ramona figures out the whole ruse. Tate is a hero, insurance will cover the robbery.

Ransom is paid, but the transaction is interrupted

Once everyone shows up to make the exchange, Vincent predictably decides he wants to kill Tariq anyway. After his extra set of guys pull up to the scene, Ghost has a surprise of his own: Benny.

Benny threatens Vincent with a mob war and says Tariq is good since he brought his niece safely to him after Proctor was shot. Vincent leaves, but Tommy is surprised to see Benny and wants to know what’s behind the favor to Ghost.

Benny says Ghost gave him name of his cousin’s killer. In that moment, Ghost realizes Tommy did it, and Tommy realizes Ghost knows. Ghost tells Tasha he figured out Tariq helped Tommy sneak in the house to kill Proctor.

When Tommy gets home, he tells Keisha time out is over and there’s only one way this ends for them.