‘Power’ Season 6: Fans Want These Things Addressed Before Book 1 Ends

Starz, 50 Cent, and Courtney Kemp are keeping Power fans on their toes with all the anticipation surrounding the ending of this chapter of the saga. There is much to contemplate, digest, decode, and accept. Until the show returns in January to grant fans the last five episodes, everyone can keep having discussions about what’s already transpired and what’s to come. If you spend any time on social media, then you realize viewers have a few nagging thoughts about some of the series’ plot holes, events, and characters.

Showrunner Kemp has said in interviews that many things will be tied together and addressed when the show returns, and some events, conversations, and characters were intentionally left in limbo. The obvious concern is “Who shot Ghost?” but in addition to that, viewers—on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and elsewhere—would like to see these lingering questions get resolved by the end.

Joseph Sikora and Omari Hardwick of 'Power'
Joseph Sikora and Omari Hardwick of ‘Power’ | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ

Will anyone remember BG?

BG—a.k.a . Black Grimace—was shot in cold blood by Dre in episode seven when he unwittingly slipped up and allowed that sucker Dre to get a hold of his gun. Tommy’s soft-hearted henchman was left dead on a sofa and fans note—rather emphatically—that NO ONE has acknowledged his death. What’s up with that and will anyone speak up before Power goes off?

What’s the gist with 2-Bit and Ghost’s jail pact?

Viewers weren’t privy to the deal Ghost made with 2-Bit over the phone when he sent him that burner in jail, but there will be some jail scenes in the final episodes of Power. Count on that. Who was the target of Ghost’s scheme with 2-Bit and did/will it succeed? Because 2-Bit and Spanky are street dudes, this person (or people) could be in lockup or in the outside world. A phone call is all it takes to set things up.

Could Tasha’s earring get her into trouble?

It was left at Tommy and Keisha’s house during that fight the two women had, but does Tommy know about it and that it belongs to her? He already figured out Ghost wasn’t the one who killed his girl, but are his murderous eyes set on Tasha now? Fans point out that it was Tommy who bought Tasha those earrings as replacements for one that Holly stole. Will the writers circle back to that?

Will the Serbians avenge Jason’s murder?

With so many different mafia groups in Power, there’s a possibility that retribution is on the horizon. While we can ruminate on Benny’s people coming after Tommy, it’s more likely that Jason’s crew will go after the person who killed Jason. It’s just a matter of whether they guess the perpetrator correctly.

When will Proctor’s memory chip come into play?

Perhaps one of the largest looming mysteries in Power is the whereabouts of the orphan Elisa Marie and her evidence-containing necklace. If by some magic Ghost isn’t dead, he and Tommy could possibly get locked up if everything on that little card makes it to a competent person who works in law enforcement. What are the odds of that?

Of course, there are many more questions fans are asking, but everyone will have to wait until Jan. 5 to see if the show will help piece things together or leave people upset like Game of Thrones. Make a Power question mark list and get ready to check it off in 2020.