‘Power’ Season 6 Mid-Season Finale: Fans’ Top 4 Guesses on Who Pulled The Trigger [Spoilers]

Power fans, this entire piece is a giant spoiler so don’t read any further if you’ve haven’t watched “No One Can Stop Me.” Sunday night wraps up the first ten episodes of this season of Power, and this one was extended for good reason.

Could you see where this was heading? All those spirits of the dead visiting Ghost this weekend were like warnings, and in some cultures, the one whom is visited is the one heading to the afterlife next. But that’s not a guarantee.

Now that everyone is inside their heads about that cliffhanger at the end of the mid-season finale, it’s time to gather our thoughts. You’ve made it this far and are invested in the ending of Power, regardless of the sometimes-questionable plots and annoying characters. Who the heck shot Ghost in the chest?

Social media is abuzz trying to figure out who was able to land a bullet in Ghost, causing that look of disappointment/despair on his face as his hands reached out during his fall. Out of all the people mad at Ghost and hitting the street to settle a score at the end of the episode—Paz, Saxe, Dre, Tariq, Tasha, Tommy, and Tate—here’s who fans think are the most likely to have pulled the trigger.

Michael Rainey, Jr.
Michael Rainey Jr. of ‘Power’ | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Saks Fifth Avenue


All season, this show has been teasing some form of patricide/filicide, with both Ghost and Tariq threatening to end each other. Tariq was clearly angered about Ghost not taking the fall for killing Ray-Ray, and although we’re not sure if the feds are still looking into the case, it’s made him scared enough to do anything.

Besides anger, what’s his motivation? Killing his father won’t stop an investigation, but maybe Tariq feels like he’s got nothing to lose. It’s also been pointed out that Tariq not only likes to follow Kanan’s guidance, but he likes to flip Ghost’s philosophies and actions on him to justify his own wrongs.

Could Ghost’s story about Breeze and Kanan’s views on killing a loved one have spurred Tariq to feel comfortable with shooting his father? Possibly, and he has access to Truth.


How many times did Tasha and Ghost get into it this season? By the end of episode 10, she hates him for wanting Tariq to confess, and he was talking all sorts of trash to her about their marriage being over and her drug dealing business. If she had a choice between protecting Tariq or following Ghost’s directives, it’s obvious who would lose. Perhaps she was fed up enough to shoot her ex.


Courtney Kemp mentions in Power Confidential that Ghost believes he has Dre where he wants him and counts him out. Kemp said Ghost isn’t afraid of Dre and doesn’t think “he’s on the chessboard.”

He doesn’t know this rat inexplicably wiggled his way out of jail, into a car and is headed to Truth. Dre doesn’t mind killing people, and if it means a chance he can be a real gangster and not a “wannabe,” he’d take it.


We still don’t know if Saxe wants to take himself out or put Ghost in the dirt, but he is definitely one person who has nothing to lose. He’s got one foot headed to prison and the other in a pool of lava boiling with hatred for James St. Patrick. Why he would want a murder rap for one criminal out of many in NYC is beyond me, but Saxe needs some kind of ending for his stupidity. He certainly has motive.

Why not the others?

No, Tommy doesn’t seem like a likely candidate because he had the chance to kill Ghost when they were talking at the warehouse. Tate, who used to be a cop and obviously detests Ghost, looked like he was ready to do something, but fans don’t think he has the grit to murder/shoot him like that. And Paz? It just doesn’t make any sense.

There are several things that are unclear while trying to solve this mystery. Are there cameras in Truth? Who was in that Cadillac following Ghost around? Who was shooting at Tommy and Ghost? Kemp also said that the person who shot Ghost was one of the suspects in those last scenes. Only a handful of these people make sense. Power returns on Jan. 5.