‘Power’ Season 6: New Trailer For Final Episodes Reveals Nobody Knows if Ghost is Dead or Alive

We can’t help but count down to the premiere of episode 11 of Power on Jan. 5. Only three weeks remain until fans and the show’s characters can begin to unravel the mystery surrounding Ghost’s meeting with a bullet. Starz knows how to whet the appetites of viewers hungry to get a glimpse of what’s in store for the last five episodes, and just dropped a trailer for the return of Power.

Michael Rainey Jr as Tariq in 'Power'
Michael Rainey Jr as Tariq in ‘Power’ | Starz

Detective Rodriguez is on deck and wants answers

On Dec. 13, the latest teaser for Power was released for the final five episodes and aroused suspicions all over again, causing fans to play a guessing game. In it, Detective Rodriguez’s grating voice is narrating the scene that shows the suspected shooters of James St. Patrick.

NYPD has hauled in the seven so-called deadly suspects for questioning: Tariq, Tasha, Saxe, Tommy, Paz, Tate, and Dre. No one seems sorry that something happened to him, but Tariq and Tasha put on a convincing act. Peep it.

What we all noticed is that Dre is super cocky, Paz and Saxe are bitter as heck that James St. Patrick exists, Tate looks crazy dressed in a black hoodie while plugging his gubernatorial run, and Tommy calls James “Ghost.”

The latter is making everyone wonder if it’s intentional Tommy drops Ghost’s street name or if it’s some weird blooper. Either way, it’s a head-scratcher for a character who’s dedicated to not being a snitch.

‘Power’ trailer includes a hotline for fans to use

As a way to make things interactive with fans, there’s a phone number included at the end of the trailer for people to call in tips about Ghost’s shooting. All you have to do is dial 1-833-WHO-SHOT, which sounds like a fun place where all fan theories converge.

Call it and you’ll hear a message from Rodriguez indicating you’ve reached the tipline for who shot James St. Patrick and requesting you leave a message with any information. Callers are also directed to leave their email addresses.

For those who’d rather skip the phone call, a simple tweet with the hashtag #WHOSHOTGHOST will do. While Power showrunner and creator Courtney Kemp has already established that the person who pulled the trigger is one of the seven in the trailer, that hasn’t stopped some fans from believing an outsider did it.

Trailer sets the tone for the return of ‘Power’

As you know, season six will conclude the first chapter of Power before Starz veers into spinoff territory. Kemp mentioned the final five episodes will feature a series of flashbacks tied to each of the core suspects. Based on what’s shown in this clip, these are the only people Rodriguez is looking at—not Ramona, not Tasha’s boy toy, and not Jason’s guys.

It’s been noted by 50 Cent that the events of this series will connect to Power: Book II, and based on leaked set photos for the spinoff and the powers of deduction, some fans believe Tariq is connected to Ghost’s shooting. They think he will be the one to come out of this ordeal without a scratch and become Ghost 2.0. Tune in to Starz on Jan. 5 to see where all these theories may land.