‘Power’ Season 6: Who’s Most Likely To Take Ghost Out

Next week, fans will start the long 15-hour journey to the official end of Power. The ending of the series promises to deliver revenge, betrayal, partnerships, and takedowns. At this stage in the show, it looks like Ghost has lost his grip on the power he’s so desperately tried to cling to for the past five seasons.

He’s done dirt in the streets and has done people dirty, losing respect, protection, and trust from people in his inner circle. Fans are trying to figure out who’s mostly likely going to be the one to take him down. Since his end come in the form of death or imprisonment, it’s anyone’s game. But there are a few people who seem like the most obvious candidates to handle it. If you haven’t been keeping up with Power, stop reading now, spoilers ahead.

Cast of 'Power' at TCA 2019
L-R from top) Naturi Naughton, Joseph Sikora, Rotimi, Michael Rainey Jr., Larenz Tate, Courtney A. Kemp, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Omari Hardwick and Lela Loren of ‘Power’ | Getty Images/Rich Fury


Choice number one is Tommy, of course. Though they’ve been brothers since they were kids, too much has transpired over the past few years, and Tommy likes to keep tabs on every time Ghost did him wrong. In his score-keeping mind, Ghost chose Angela over him, has done shady business deals behind his back, and manipulated him into killing his father. And that’s the short list.

We all know what Tommy did to Angela at the end of season five, and that dramatic roar Ghost let out afterwards was pretty much anguish and a war cry rolled up into one. That bullet was meant for Ghost, so we all know Tommy is ready and willing to put him down once and for all.


We’d hate to call patricide, but if you’ve been watching, you know it could happen. There would be no coming back from this, but Tariq doesn’t seem like he’s willing to forgive his father and instead wants to become just like him—whether he realizes it or not. Dude has been going down the wrong path for a while and learned little from Raina’s death.

If it came down to Tariq pulling the trigger, he could do it the form of a gun or by ratting his own dad out to the authorities. He’s one to watch.


She’s pissed off enough at Ghost to want him to suffer, but will she become the Grim Reaper or simply hand him over to the feds? Since the last season is titled “The Final Betrayal,” there’s no reason why Tasha shouldn’t be considered a contender for getting him out of the picture and setting herself up to become a queen-pin of some sort. Why not?


It doesn’t matter if she is dead or alive, because Angela has a power over Ghost that can reach beyond the grave. If she’s really dead, the feds will figure out a way to pin it on Ghost. If she’s not, she was already in trouble with the law so they’ll be looking for ways to connect the dots between the lovebirds and Ghost’s underworld dealings–including Silver’s murder. As TVLine pointed out, Angela has no friends in the office.

Remember fellow Power fans, this season will be split into two parts, with 10 episodes airing this year and the last five in 2020. Be prepared for twists and a cliffhanger once this jump off on August 25.