‘Power’ Spinoff: The Show Hints at a New Tommy Egan Sequel

There are only a couple of weeks left until Power comes to an end, but there’s more in store for viewers. There are at least three spin-offs in the works, including Power Book II: Ghost, which will reportedly follow the events that went down in Power Season 6.

On the most recent episode, which aired on Jan. 19, viewers saw Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) pack up and head west, leaving behind some loose ends and many enemies. Could this mean he’s the subject of the sequel?

Warning: This post contains Power Season 6 spoilers.

Joseph Sikora on the red carpet
Joseph Sikora on the red carpet | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for STARZ

A brief recap of what happened on the latest episode of ‘Power’

In the episode, titled “It’s All Your Fault,” viewers got to see what Tommy was up to in the days leading up to Ghost’s murder. In earlier episodes, Tommy had vowed to kill Ghost, believing that his former best friend had murdered his girlfriend LaKeisha Grant and had tried to take down his drug operation.

But Tommy eventually learned that Tasha actually killed LaKeisha and that Ghost was not as responsible for as much as he thought. As he arrived at Ghost’s nightclub, Truth, to patch things up, he found the businessman dying from at least one gunshot wound. Tommy stayed by Ghost’s side until he died.

With his girlfriend and best friend now dead and the feds still on his back for an old murder, Tommy decided to leave New York and start anew in California. But he had a couple of stops to make before he left.

On his way out of town, he shot and killed Spanky for betraying him and visited Proctor’s daughter Elisa Marie. He basically confessed to killing her dad and told her that she’s welcome to come “see” him about the murder someday. “I’ll understand,” he told her.

Tommy then hit the highway and headed west, with a hip hop tune blasting from his speakers.

While this could indeed be the end for Tommy, we know that Power never lets its characters get off scot-free. All of the characters — from Ghost to Dre — have had to face the consequences of their actions at some point. So maybe his story doesn’t end here?

Joseph Sikora is amped about ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

On Jan. 14, the official Power Twitter account announced that Power Book II: Ghost has added another cast member: Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man. Grammy-winning singer and actress Mary J. Blige has also signed on for the show.

“Look who’s join the cast of Power Book II: Ghost! Welcome to the #PowerTv family @MethodMan #Powerbook2 #Powerneverends,” the tweet read.

Sikora was really excited about the announcement. He retweeted the post, adding: “Yooo! Method! Big thing happen’n.”

More recently, TV Guide directly asked the actor whether Tommy’s episode sets the stage for a sequel to which he said:

“One can assume that. Hopefully Tommy makes it out west. Hopefully, that’s one of the new shows — or maybe Tommy’s just gone. As Tommy is leaving, everything is taken from him. Maybe the message is also that Tommy gets out alive because of the sacrifice of Ghost.”

Joseph Sikora and Omari Hardwick at an event
Joseph Sikora and Omari Hardwick at an event | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ

TV Guide noted that Sikora “strongly” suggested that this isn’t the last viewers will see of Tommy.

“Tommy is leaving with nothing but a shell so in essence he is a ghost,” Sikora continued. “I think Tommy is a shell. When a crab leaves a shell, what do you do with the old shell? A new living thing enters that shell; it has to get refilled up.”

Noting that Tommy had a smile on his face as he left town, Sikora added: “What Tommy does with that smirk is say ‘Maybe.’ Maybe there’s life. Maybe there’s a continuation.”

We’re sure fans would love to see more from Tommy Egan. Stay tuned to see whether he actually makes the cut.