‘Power’ Star La La Anthony Responded to Haters and Explained Why Her Character’s Death Was a ‘Major Moment For Television’

On the most recent episode of Power, the loved and hated girlfriend of Tommy Egan, LaKeisha Grant, was shot in the head by her former best friend, Tasha St. Patrick.

The unexpected death sent waves throughout the Power community, and LaLa Anthony went on The Breakfast Club to talk more about it, explain future endeavors, and address her haters.

La La Anthony
La La Anthony | Jamie McCarthy

La La Anthony on letting go of her ‘Power’ character

Anthony admitted, “it sucked to die,” and called it “a moment” because it’s “not easy to watch yourself get a bullet to the head.” She also said that even though fans were sad to see Keisha go, she especially was because “for her, it’s the end of her job.”

Anthony reflected on the longevity of her character, explaining she’s been a part of the show since the first episode but understands why the death had to happen.

She also explained that “all good things have to come to an end” and is glad her character went out “with a bang,” creating a moment that had people going crazy online.

La La Anthony on the impact of the death of her character and haters

When showrunner Courtney Kemp and executive producer 50 Cent sat Anthony down and explained her role would be the next go, she admitted she was extremely emotional the day they shot the scene.

Even though LaKeisha Grant was on the show since its inception, the character was “supposed to be on the sidelines,” but the fandom behind her role allowed Keisha to become an integral part of the show.

After the episode aired, Anthony recalled seeing hundreds of posts from people who loved and hated her character, which has “meant the world to her.”

The actress also said she’s proud to be a part of a “major moment for television,” regardless of the critics who claim Anthony is a terrible actress. She addressed the critique on The Breakfast Club, explaining that even though she didn’t start in the industry with acting doesn’t mean she can’t do it or is not putting her all into it.

Anthony explained that she’s “put the work in and continues to,” and believes some people “just want to hate.” However, the actress said she’s realized the love and support she receives outweighs the negativity, so she focuses on that, but she will “clap back” at times.

La La Anthony’s plans after ‘Power’

Always working, Anthony has already moved on to another show, Showtime’s The Chi. The Lena Waithe-created series, now in its third season, revolves around life in the South Side of Chicago.

The lead, Brandon Johnson, portrayed by Jason Mitchell, will not return for Season 3 due to several “misconduct allegations,” and currently, no one knows how Waithe will write him out of the show.

However, Anthony portrays Dom, a new character to the series, who operates a “local hood chicken spot.” Emmett, played by Jacob Latimore, runs another chicken restaurant, and the two team up to start a “late-night chicken spot” together.

She’s also working on a Starz show, Intercepted, in which she will act and serve as co-producer, alongside 50 Cent. The series is about the real stories of agents, women, and other crazy stuff that happen behind the scenes in the NFL that no one talks about.

Anthony gave the viewers a little taste of what to expect, explaining one story will be about a football wife who has a one night stand with a quarterback who ends up on the same team as her husband.