‘Pretty Wild’: Where is Alexis Neiers Now?

Remember Pretty Wild? The 2010 E! show that was set to follow in the footsteps of Keeping Up with the Kardashians but got derailed when one of the main characters got arrested at the start of filming?

Andrea Arlington, Alexis Neiers Arlington, Tess Arlington and Gabby Arlington
Andrea Arlington, Alexis Neiers Arlington, Tess Arlington and Gabby Arlington | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Though it only aired for one season, the show sparked a fandom that could not have been predicted. The show followed sisters Gabby Neiers and Tess Taylor as they lived glamorous lives in Los Angeles. The problem, though, was that Neiers was arrested for being part of the “Bling Ring” on her second day of filming. Because of this, the show barely lasted a season.

So, where is Neiers now?

What happened to the Bling Ring?

The ‘Bling Ring” was a group of teens who robbed celebrities. Over the course of a year, they stole from Orlando Bloom, Audrina Patridge, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, Brian Austin Green, and Megan Fox, and even broke into Paris Hilton’s house five times. But this wasn’t a Robin Hoodesque story of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. The members of the Bling Ring were well off themselves.

Neiers ended up pleading no contest to felony burglary charges and was sentenced to spend 180 days in jail. She only served 30 days of her sentence, got three years of probation and had to pay Orlando Bloom $600,000 in restitution.

Alexis Neiers’ addiction

Though Neiers was shown partying on the show, there was something much darker going on behind the scenes.

“I had been on drugs pretty much consistently from around my middle school years until I got sober when I was 19,” she recently told Entertainment Tonight. “It began with just, you know, teenage stuff — smoking pot, drinking warm beers out of my friends’ fridges in the garage and going to parties. But by the time I was 15, I became addicted to Oxycontin, and from there my addiction progressed really quickly.”

“The funds that I was getting from the show allowed basically for my addiction to explode, so by the time I was 17, I was using heroin every single day, all day long… I mean, I was loaded from the second we started filming to the second we stopped.”

She was able to sober up during her time in prison, but once she was released, she was back at it again.

“I was using alcohol and smoking weed and within two weeks [of my release] it was back off to the races,” she said. “My addiction actually got worse even though I had less money and less access. I began shooting up intravenously, which is something I wasn’t doing on a regular basis before and I was panhandling for money. I had nothing left.”

Luckily for her, the show being canceled meant that she couldn’t feed her addiction at the levels she once had.

“I probably would have died [if we had gotten a second season],” she said. “That’s the God honest truth. I don’t think, had I not gotten sober in that moment and really taken a step back, that I would be sober today.”

Where is Alexis Neiers now?

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Neiers is now married to Evan Haines and has two daughters, Harper and Dakota. She is currently working on detailing the trauma that she went through in her new book Recovering from Reality and her podcast of the same title.