Prince Albert II, Son of Grace Kelly, Tested Positive for Coronavirus

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has been dominating headlines all around the world the past couple of months. It gets a lot of attention due to the large amount of countries that have been infected as well as the famous faces who tested positive for COVID-19.

By now, many fans probably have heard about Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Idris Elba being among the celebrities who have come out about their infections. COVID-19 does not spare royalty either. In fact, Prince Albert II of Monaco, the son of the late Grace Kelly, is now among the list of well-known people who are living with the new disease.

The palace says that Prince Albert’s heath is ‘not worrying at all’

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Prince Albert II | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Last week, the palace in the small country of Monaco released a statement revealing that their head of state, Prince Albert II, has tested positive for COVID-19. Despite the shocking news, the palace reassured its citizens that the prince’s health is “not worrying at all.” 

“The Prince is being monitored by his doctor and treated by the specialists at the Princess Grace Hospital,” the statement said. “Prince Albert continues to work from his private apartment and is in close contact with the members of his cabinet, government, and closest collaborators.”

This report came just days after Prince Albert issued an order for stricter measures to take place in Monaco to prevent the spread of the virus. He addressed citizens in a video and said that all travel within the country would now be limited to essential trips only, such as for health care or grocery purposes. He also urged businesses to allow workers to telework and announced that group activities would be halted.

The prince is one of Grace Kelly’s three children

Prince Albert was born in March 1958 to the late Grace Kelly and her husband, Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

Kelly was a famed Hollywood actress in the 1950s, starring in films like Mogambo (1953), The Country Girl (1954), Dial M For Murder (1954), and To Catch a Thief (1955). She met Prince Rainier at the Cannes Film Festival in 1955, and the two subsequently started a relationship with each other. They got married in 1956. Aside from Prince Albert, the couple had two daughters: Princess Caroline (b. 1957) and Princess Stephanie (b. 1965).

In 1982, Kelly suffered a minor stroke while driving on a steep hill outside of Monaco. She lost control of her car and quickly crashed, passing away at a hospital the following night. Princess Stephanie, who was only a teenager at the time, was inside the car with her mother, though she survived the accident. Prince Albert was 24 years old.

Prince Rainier passed away in 2005 from a severe lung condition, upon which Prince Albert assumed the throne. As the monarch of his country, Prince Albert focuses a lot of his work on environmental awareness, especially through the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, which he founded in 2006. Additionally, he is also the vice-chairman of the Princess Grace Foundation-USA, which is an American charity organization that aims to support dancers as well as theater and film artists.

Prince Albert is currently married to a former Olympian

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Although Prince Albert did not marry a Hollywood star like his father, he did tie the knot with a former Olympic swimmer from South Africa. His wife is Princess Charlene, who used to compete in the Olympics and other international competitions under her maiden name, Charlene Wittstock. The couple met in 2000 and got married in 2011.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene have two twin children: Gabriella and Jacques. Both were born in December 2014.