Prince Andrew’s Shocking Parting Words After His Epstein Interview Revealed as Royal Experts Claim It Was a Damaging Failure

Prince Andrew’s controversial ties with Jeffrey Epstein has landed him in the hot seat yet again. In a recent interview with reporter Emily Maitlis, Andrew attempted to clear the air about his friendship with the pedophile in what turned out to be a complete PR disaster. But Prince Andrew’s parting words with Maitlis proved even more shocking than his comments in the interview, leading fans to speculate what really happened between Andrew and Epstein.

Prince Andrew interview
Prince Andrew | Photo by LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA/AFP via Getty Images

Prince Andrew tries to end the Jeffrey Epstein scandal

Andrew’s 40-minute interview with Maitlis was the first time he has openly discussed the allegations that he repeatedly had sex with a 17-year-old girl. The reports came to light after a photo surfaced of Andrew and his alleged victim, Virginia Giuffre, a side-hug.

Although Prince Andrew hoped that the interview would dispel the rumors once and for all, it only ignited further speculation about his guilt. In fact, many royal experts believe his comments were a “disaster” and a huge embarrassment to the royal family.

Amid Epstein’s pedophilia charges and subsequent suicide, Andrew was accused of staying with the financier in New York on several occasions, where he allegedly committed sexual acts with a minor.

Andrew and the royal family have denied the accusations and would have been wise to remain silent on the issue. Instead, Andrew’s controversial interview made things worse as many royal watchers are now convinced that his friendship with Epstein was definitely questionable.

What did the Duke of York say after the interview?

As if the interview was not bad enough, Andrew’s comments after the cameras stopped rolling were even more controversial. According to Mirror, Maitlis remembered Andrew walking her out of Buckingham Palace when he commented about her next visit and suggested what they might talk about.

“As we part, he walks me back down the Marble Hall until we stop at a statue of Prince Albert. ‘The first royal entrepreneur,'” Prince Andrew reportedly told her. “‘Next time you come, we will talk about Pitch at Palace.'”

The comments indicate that Andrew believed the interview was a total success and should have dispelled the rumors once and for all. Unfortunately for Andrew, the exact opposite has happened and the royal family is scrambling to clean up the mess.

As far as Maitlis is concerned, she is not waiting by the phone for Prince Andrew’s next call. In fact, she noted that she probably will not be invited back to the palace anytime soon. Considering how everyone reacted to the interview, she is probably right.

Prince Andrew believes his Epstein scandal is over

Following the interview, a number of different experts slammed Andrew for what they believed to be a terrible decision.

Sources in the palace were reportedly “dumbfounded” that Prince Andrew would ever agree to talk about the scandal in public, especially in light of everything that has happened to Epstein.

Despite all of the backlash, Andrew still believes the interview went over well. He has reportedly been telling his close associates that the interview was great and he is “happy” with how things turned out.

He also thinks that his comments put the scandal to rest and is looking forward to moving on. He even allegedly told Queen Elizabeth that the chat was a success, though Her Majesty has yet to comment on the situation.

How did Queen Elizabeth react to Andrew’s interview?

Despite most experts saying the interview was a bad idea in the first place, Andrew allegedly got permission before doing it. And he went to the highest office in the royal family to get it.

Sources claim that Andrew asked Queen Elizabeth before doing the interview, and she gave him her full blessing. It is unclear if Queen Elizabeth knew exactly what Andrew was going to say, but she clearly put her faith in him.

Shortly after the interviewed aired, Queen Elizabeth went to church with Prince Andrew in a show of solidarity. They both appeared happy during the outing, so there might be some truth to the reports that she thought it was a good idea.

“The duke went to church with the Queen (on Sunday) and was heard telling her it’s all been a great success,” an insider dished. “He thinks he’s done the right thing and has put the criticism to rest. He was all smiles and was looking very buoyant and happy.”

Queen Elizabeth may have given Andrew her blessing, but his scandal is far from over. While facing charges of sex trafficking, Epstein reportedly committed suicide, prompting a judge to end his case in federal court. It is unclear what Prince Andrew will do next, especially if he still believes his interview settled the matter.