Prince Charles Accused of Ripping People Off for Price of Honey Made at Royal Estate

Prince Charles has been an advocate for environmental causes for many years. Some of his charities support community development, architecture form, organic farming, and bumblebee research.

However, there’s been a lot of buzz about the honey produced at the Highgrove estate and some people aren’t praising it.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool /Getty Images

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Prince Charles keeps 150,000 bees at Highgrove

Prince Charles is a keen beekeeper. In fact, the official Clarence House social media accounts have posted information and videos about the hives that can be found on the property.

“If you visit Clarence House during the summer… you may spot these beehives the Royal residence’s garden!” one post read. “The Clarence House garden contains two beehives, which are home to over 90,000 bees. They produce around 40 pounds of honey a year.”

In 2018, Charles was gifted three hives for another property within the Gloucestershire gardens for his 70th birthday. Each hive holds up to 50,000 bees and this year they produced 400 jars of organic Highgrove Royal Estate Honey.

Charles is facing criticism for cost of royal honey

Prince Charles, bees
Prince Charles, bees | Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images

Once the honey went on sale, many flocked to the Highgrove Gardens online shop to purchase a jar.

“Limited to only 400 jars this year, the beautifully delicate Highgrove Organic Royal Estate Honey is ideal for toast and breakfast treats,” the description on the Highgrove gardens website reads. “Produced from pollen collected by the myriad of bees who all live in the exclusively commissioned traditional British doubled walled beehives on the estate; each hive has its own specific design and took almost a year to construct by hand.”

The description also states, “The bees in the spring work the hedgerows of Highgrove Gardens and in late June to early July forage on the avenue of Limes. The organic soft set honey makes a fantastic gourmet gift for food lovers with its distinctive lime flavor.”

But not everyone was on board with grabbing a jar once they saw the price tag. The Express reported that the honey cost $34 for a jar of 350 grams. Many were so turned off by the price and branded the future king “a rip off merchant” and criticized him saying that he is completely “out of touch.”

Despite all the complaints about how much the honey costs, the product is currently sold out.

Prince Charles and beekeeper, Barry Walker-Moore, dressed as a bumble bee
Prince Charles and beekeeper, Barry Walker-Moore, dressed as a bumble bee | POOL/ Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images

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Camilla launched a honey charity as well and sells gourmet honey

For her part, Charles’ wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has her own charity as well which uses the honey produced by the bees at her Wiltshire garden.

In May, Camilla became the president of a beekeeping development charity called Bees For Development. The Daily Mail noted that the charity’s mission is to encourage beekeeping in developing countries.

“As we all know, bees are vital to the natural world and an essential part of our fragile ecology,” the duchess said. “Keeping bees and harvesting honey is an old-age tradition. But this remarkable charity has found a way to use the busy bee to help alleviate poverty and encourage biodiversity.”

Camilla’s gourmet honey sells for less than her husband’s at $26 per jar.