Prince Charles Accused of Using His Privilege and Leaving Citizens ‘To Rot’ Who Can’t Get a COVID-19 Test By Royal Expert

Prince Charles is taking some heat following the announcement that he tested positive for COVID-19. Some people were unhappy with how quickly Charles was able to get tested for the virus, despite the palace’s own admission that he is in good health and was presenting mild symptoms. One critic slammed the Prince of Wales for using his “privilege” while other citizens are “left to rot.”

Prince Charles
Prince Charles | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool /Getty Images

Royal family announces that Prince Charles has COVID-19

The royal family recently confirmed that Charles tested positive of COVID-19, making him the first member of the monarchy to get the virus. The palace assured fans that Prince Charles has “mild symptoms” at the moment and is generally in good health.

According to The Sun, Camilla Parker Bowles was also tested for the virus but does not have it. The couple is currently in quarantine at their estate in Scotland, where they will likely remain for several weeks.

Following the announcement, fans sent Prince Charles a slew of get well notes on social media. Taking to Twitter, Clarence House thanked royal watchers for their ongoing support and revealed that Charles was “enormously touched” by the words of encouragement.

“Thank you for all your ‘Get Well Soon’ messages for His Royal Highness,” the post read. “He is enormously touched by your kind words.”

Charles has remained in contact with other members of the royal family as he continues his recovery. This includes both of his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, the latter of whom is currently in self-isolation in Canada.

The Prince of Wales takes heat for coronavirus test

While many fans wished the best for Prince Charles, his positive test results created plenty of backlash. In particular, some people were unhappy with Charles taking the test when he did not pass the requirements set by the NHS.

Testing for the coronavirus has been a struggle for many countries that do not have the ability to test everyone who becomes sick. Radio hosts Dan Wootton and Sonia Poulton heavily criticized Charles for taking a test that should have been reserved for someone else, like a person in the medical community.

“By their own admission he has mild symptoms and yet he passed that criteria for testing on the NHS,” Poulton shared. “Now there are millions of people who will be eligible, no doubt, but why did he get priority? Because he is Prince Charles and so his privilege counts even in a pandemic.”

Poulton added that Prince Charles also broke a travel ban by flying to Scotland, especially if he was feeling ill over the weekend. The government has advised everyone to self-isolate if they start to feel sick.

Although Charles is in the hot seat for taking a coronavirus test, other royal experts have come to his defense.

Was Prince Charles justified in taking the test?

There is no denying that Charles has more privilege than the average person, but according to royal expert Robert Johnson, there was a good reason that Prince of Wales was tested right away.

Not only did Prince Charles meet the requirements for someone over the age of 70, but testing him enables experts to determine who else is at risk of contracting the virus. For Charles, this includes other high-ranking members of the royal family, such as Queen Elizabeth.

“Of course, there is a disparity, but they’ve gone through the procedures and they’ve met the criteria of a man over 71 and that’s why it’s happened,” Jobson explained. “The reason they’re being tested is to find out whether they had the virus so that then, once you find out if they’ve had the virus, you can connect with the people that they’ve spoken to over the last 14 days.”

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the royals have taken measures to protect themselves against the spread. This includes canceling all of their events in the coming weeks and remaining in self-isolation until the crisis is over.

Depending on things go in the next few weeks, there is a strong chance that the royals will end up canceling most of their spring events.

Is Queen Elizabeth in danger of catching the coronavirus?

With Prince Charles testing positive for the coronavirus last weekend, anyone who came in contact with him in the previous 14 days could have contracted the virus. Unfortunately, Charles met with Queen Elizabeth on March 12, which falls within that time frame.

That said, doctors do not believe Charles had reached the infectious stage until March 13, so Her Majesty probably had a low risk of catching COVID-19 from him.

Even still, there have been calls for Queen Elizabeth to get tested, especially given her advanced age. She will be turning 94 years old in a few weeks.

Queen Elizabeth is currently in self-isolation at Windsor Castle with her husband, Prince Philip. She left Buckingham Palace last week after wrapping up a few private meetings.

Prince Charles has not responded to the latest reports surrounding the status of his health.