Prince Charles Makes His Royal Staff Follow These Bizarre Rules

Prince Charles has lived his entire life in the spotlight. As Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s first-born son, the future Crowned King doesn’t know an existence outside of royal life. Though he’s become more accepted in recent years, the prince wasn’t always been a beloved member of the royal family.

His affair with Duchess Camila Parker Bowles during his marriage to Princess Diana made him the enemy of many royal fans. Also, his elite life has made him somewhat aloof — though he tries his best to connect with the British press and public.

Still, Prince Charles has some very strange requests for his royal staff.

Prince Charles refuses to use technology

Though the Prince of Wales is always well put together, with a smart suit and a stylish haircut — he often causes a fair bit of chaos in his living quarters and offices at Clarence House. Royal Reporter Sally Bendell Smith explained, “His is office is wildly disorganized and his thinking often is, too.”

Also, since he’s used to the old school way of doing things, the prince hasn’t exactly embraced technology. “The prince makes it even more arduous for his employees to conduct their business by eschewing modern technology for an onslaught of haphazard, handwritten memos, and has no qualms about calling on his attendants at any hour of the day,” Smith revealed.

Prince Charles is excessive when it comes to packing

Though he’s in his 70s– Prince Charles still carries out many royal tours throughout the year. However, they are always exhausting for his staff, who must pack the prince’s clothing and personal items for his time away.

According to Tom Bower who wrote Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles, his staff is forced to pack, “His orthopedic bed, fresh linen, radio, a chest of drawers, his personal toilet seat, rolls of Kleenex Premium Comfort toilet paper and two landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.”

Prince Charles likes a very specific cup of tea

We know that the Brits adore their tea, but the prince has a very specific way that he wants his tea to be prepared. Though the brand of tea is a secret that has not been revealed outside of the royal family. Hospitality manager Evan Samson gave a detailed explanation of the perfect cup of royal tea.

“The key is to use loose tea and a teapot — one teaspoon of tea leaves per teacup plus an extra one for the pot,” he told The Sunday Times. “The water must be heated to 70C for green tea and 100C for Earl Grey or English breakfast tea. The temperature of the water must be measured with a thermometer. There are different rules for making green and black tea – while green tea should be brewed for three minutes, black tea must be left for five. A perfect royal brew should use organic honey instead of sugar which is added to the teacup before the tea is poured in. There are specific details about how the teacup should be position – the handle of the teacup must be placed to the right, with the teaspoon under the handle. Milk should be added after the tea and a jug of milk should be supplied in case guests want to top up.”

We can see why it takes 124 staffers to keep Clarence House running smoothly.