Prince Charles Blamed the Media For His Failed Marriage to Princess Diana, Expert Claims

Prince Charles and Princess Diana might have looked like a picture-perfect couple on the outside, but within the royal family, their relationship wasn’t nearly what it seemed, After the couple’s marriage fell apart, it was learned that neither truly wanted to go through with the wedding. But rather than blame one person, Charles put the blame on the media for forcing the couple into an unwanted marriage.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana were divorced in 1996.
Prince Charles and Princess Diana were divorced in 1996. | Terry Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana shortly after meeting her

Charles and Diana hardly dated at all before he got down on one knee. The two had only been on about 12 dates before Charles and his father, Prince Philip, had a conversation about whether he was ready to wed. Philip reportedly told Charles that he had to either commit to her or let her go, and Charles chose the former.

Charles and Diana were about 13 years apart, and they weren’t exactly a perfect match. But with the future king only growing older, the pressure was on to find a wife. Since he and Diana got along well enough, it made sense for the two to get married.

There seemed to be clear tension in Charles and Diana's relationship.
There seemed to be clear tension in Charles and Diana’s relationship. | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

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Diana reportedly wanted to bail the night before the wedding

Diana wasn’t happy with her romance, and it seemed Charles couldn’t agree more, though neither ever did anything about it. Rumor has it Diana told her sisters the night before the wedding that she didn’t want to go through with it. Rather than understand and help her out of it, her sisters told her it was simply too late.

The next day, Diana and Charles wed, though we now know that the prince had some serious commitment issues of his own. He reportedly told his friends that Diana was “a child” and that he was “terrified” of marrying her for fear of making a mistake.

Diana and Charles had two sons, William and Harry
Diana and Charles had two sons, William and Harry | Tom Wargacki/WireImage

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Charles blamed the media for ‘forcing’ the engagement

The couple’s relationship seemed doomed from the start, and a few years after they wed, Charles started his infamous affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, his former flame and the woman he truly wished he could marry. But after things fell apart, Charles didn’t blame himself or Diana for the failed marriage.

According to Marie Claire, Charles blamed the media for creating such a storm surrounding his relationship with Diana. “The power and influence of the media driving matters towards an engagement and wedding were unstoppable,” Charles reportedly told his friends. He then went on to say that if he had pulled out of the relationship — or worse, the wedding — it would have created a frenzy in the press that he couldn’t deal with.

Diana supposedly didn’t want to divorce 

Though Charles and Diana weren’t on the best terms, she supposedly didn’t want to get a divorce. Diana reportedly requested that she and Charles remain married, since they could be civil and raise their kids despite not being in love. However, the queen knew that Diana was open to speaking poorly of Charles’ treatment of her and supposedly did not want to be intertwined in the drama. Instead, she requested the couple get a divorce, and they complied.