Will Prince Charles Move to Buckingham Palace Once He Is King?

It could be a few years until Prince Charles ascends the throne and becomes the first King of England since 1952. However, that hasn’t stopped Buckingham Palace from preparing and focusing on the Prince of Wales’s future as monarch. In the last few years, Prince Charles has spent more and more time with his mother, Queen Elizabeth, learning the ropes and training for the long-anticipated role of king.

But, his royal responsibilities aren’t the only thing that will change when Prince Charles becomes His Majesty. In addition to new duties and hierarchy in the royal family, Prince Charles’s lifestyle could change quite a bit — starting with his home. Will Prince Charles move to Buckingham Palace? Find out what the prince’s plans are, ahead.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles currently resides at Clarence House. |Victoria Jones/PA Wire

Will Prince Charles move to Buckingham Palace?

Buckingham Palace is considered not only the royal family headquarters but also the official residence of the monarch. However, Prince Charles has no intention of moving to the centuries-old abode when he becomes King of England. In fact, he has a thing against the iconic London palace. “I know he is no fan of ‘the big house,’ as he calls the palace,” a source close to the royal family told Hello! Magazine.

Why doesn’t Prince Charles like Buckingham Palace? According to the source, “he doesn’t see it as a viable future home or a house that’s fit for purpose in the modern world. He feels its upkeep, both from a cost and environmental perspective, is not sustainable.”

Where will Prince Charles live when he ascends the throne?

Buckingham Palace isn’t the only royal property that Prince Charles will inherit once he becomes king. He will also gain full access to Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle (which is privately owned by the royal family), and others. So, where will he live when he ascends the throne? Chances are, he will stay where he is right now, at Clarence House.

Located in London, just down the road from both Buckingham Palace and St. James’s Palace — another royal abode — Clarence House is quite special to Prince Charles. Before he and Camilla Parker Bowles called it home, his beloved grandmother, the late Queen Mother, lived there. It houses some unique artifacts and art from the Royal Collection, as well as works from his personal portfolio (the prince is an avid watercolorist!) and furniture left behind by Queen Elizabeth’s mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

In addition to Clarence House, Prince Charles will most-likely visit Windsor on the weekends — after all, that’s where his future grandchild, Baby Sussex will grow up — and Balmoral Castle in the summer, as it is a tradition in the royal family. He could also continue to host Christmas at Sandringham Estate and visit other royal abodes when traveling around the United Kingdom on official business.

What will become of Buckingham Palace?

As for Buckingham Palace, the future king will likely still conduct business out of the royal family headquarters. And, perhaps some of his family members might live there (right now, Prince Edward and his family consider it their official London residence). But, Prince Charles has some big plans for the so-called “big house.”

After the Buckingham Palace renovation is completed in mid to late-2020, the prince wants to make the space more available to the public. Right now, some of its rooms are open to the public during July and October, but Prince Charles hopes to extend that time frame so that more visitors have a chance to experience its history. In addition, he plans to curate a special exhibit in honor of his mother and her historic reign.  

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