Prince Charles Will Trim Down the Royal Family as Experts Claim Queen Elizabeth is Ready to Step Down in 2021

Prince Charles is looking to make some major changes to the royal family once he takes the throne. Charles’ desire to trim down the royals has been well documented through the years and, with Prince Andrew’s recent dismissal, it may have already started. Here’s a look at how Charles plans to limit the working royals to just a handful of individuals.

Prince Charles Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles | Photo by Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince Charles trims down the royals

Charles’ desire to reduce the number of working royals has been discussed for years. Although Queen Elizabeth remains on the throne, his plan may have already begun.

Prince Andrew’s embarrassing interview regarding his ties to the disgraced financier and pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, created a lot of backlash for the royals. Andrew has since stepped down from his royal duties, and experts believe his resignation is just the start.

According to AOL, Prince Charles wants to trim down the royal family to a “bare minimum” in an effort to cut costs and avoid embarrassing situations. In Charles’ new scheme, the only royals to have official duties would be himself, his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, and their children.

“I think the Andrew crisis has definitely strengthened Prince Charles’s desire for a slimmed-down monarchy,” royal expert Brittani Barger revealed. “Prince Andrew is now out of the picture. I don’t see him ever undertaking royal duties again, and any hope that his daughters would is now gone.”

Barger added that it was Prince Charles who pushed Her Majesty to force Andrew (one of her favorites) into retirement. With Andrew now out of the picture, his daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, will likely suffer the same fate.

Prince Charles to take on more royal duties

In light of Andrew’s scandal, sources claim that Prince Charles visited his father, Prince Philip, to talk about Her Majesty’s retirement. Insiders believe that Queen Elizabeth, who is now 93 years old, will be stepping down in the next 18 months.

If that happens, Charles may gain the title of a Prince Regent. This would allow him to control the majority of the day-to-day affairs of the royal family while Queen Elizabeth slowly retired.

Prince Charles’ handling of Andrew’s interview further proves that he is ready to take on more responsibilities. It also adds more credence to the rumors that the Prince of Wales plans on trimming things down once he inherits the crown.

That said, experts do not believe the changes will happen overnight. Instead, Charles will likely enact his plan over the course of several years so that the public is less aware of what is really going on.

Will Queen Elizabeth retire?

As if Andrew’s interview is not bad enough, his alleged victim, Virginia Giuffre Roberts, is releasing an interview about her interactions with Andrew. The royals are reportedly bracing themselves for even more backlash, and 2019 is shaping up to be another annus horribilus for Her Majesty.

Given all the drama the royals have faced this year, there have been reports that Queen Elizabeth is thinking about retirement.

In light of these reports, Buckingham Palace recently issued a statement denying that the Queen plans on stepping down anytime soon. Prince Charles’ staff also issued a statement, adding that there are no plans in motion for a “transition of responsibilities” when Queen Elizabeth hits 95.

Unless something changes in the coming months, it sounds like Queen Elizabeth plans on staying on the throne until she passes on. Even still, Prince Charles has been taking on more responsibilities as she gets up in age so that the transition is a little easier.

Queen Elizabeth is mentoring Camilla Parker Bowles

Even if Queen Elizabeth remains on the throne until her death, it is only a matter of time before Charles becomes the King of England. When that happens, Prince Charles will need all the support he can get, which is where his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, comes in.

Queen Elizabeth has reportedly been helping Camilla learn the ropes of being Queen Consort with the goal of her being Charles’ main source of support.

This is one reason why Camilla has been reducing her workload over the past few years. Once Prince Charles is on the throne, Camilla will be stepping into a role that is similar to what Philip did for Queen Elizabeth.

Some experts believe this is a sign that Queen Elizabeth will be stepping down soon, and preparing Prince Charles to take the throne. But it is also just another way the royals are getting ready for the inevitable change of guard.