Prince Charles Shows Off His Cluttered, Messy Desk and Office and Fans Can’t Handle It

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and the rest of the royal family are just regular people like the rest of us, but then we get reminders. The royals letting us have a glimpse into their homes during the pandemic is proof of that.

The Prince of Wales has millions of dollars, multiple dedicated employees, and a bit of extra time now that all of his royal engagements are virtual rather than in-person. Yet he still can’t seem to get his desk in order, and fans are equally amused and disgusted to see it.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

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Prince Charles got a fail on desk organization

Royal followers have found so many reasons to criticize Prince Charles over the years, but the latest backlash came from a very unusual source. The uproar started following a post by Global’s Twitter account which showed the Prince of Wales sitting at his desk, appreciating classical music.

The point of the photo wasn’t to judge Charles’s housekeeping skills. However, that’s precisely what happened when royal fans noticed the jumble of papers strewn about the future king’s desk.

The Prince of Wales is not a minimalist

Even if Charles decided to tidy up the papers, there’s still a good number of items that appear to stay on his desk all the time. For example, he has several photos of wife Camilla, an image of Charles’s beloved grandmother the Queen Mother, a stack of books, a pen holder, a bowl of rubber bands, Clarence House stationery, and a religious image, Town & Country reported.

Prince Charles also has new video conferencing equipment including a microphone, which shows he’s ready for a long haul of virtual royal engagements going forward. The rest of his office has plenty of clutter as well with many family photos and other knick knacks on display.

Fans came out to support Prince Charles and his messy desk

While some fans mocked the Prince of Wales for his lack of tidiness, others showed support and even said it made the future king more relatable. “Just love the messy desk! Just like mine!” one Twitter user gushed.

“Hey, that’s not that bad. Don’t desk-shame,” another follower admonished the naysayers. “A messy desk, I’m told, is the sign of a creative mind,” a third follower commented. “Or it just could be Charles uses the same filing system and I do – the scatter effect is really a variation on stacking – know where things are in the scatter – or at least where they were yesterday!”

Prince Charles’s approval rating is high right now

It may not be directly attributed to the messy desk, but the fact remains that Prince Charles is enjoying relatively good popularity these days, especially considering how despised he was before. The public sees the Prince of Wales putting in a lot of effort to continue meeting citizens even during the pandemic.

And who knows, maybe the messy desk is helping everyone realize how much royals are just like us.