Prince Charles Trusts Kate Middleton and Prince William ‘Implicitly,’ Says Royal Source

Being a royal is anything but easy — any member of the family will attest to that. Senior royals have pretty demanding schedules, what with all the appearances that they make on a regular basis, in addition to the fact that they are constantly being watched, photographed, and analyzed.

For those who are in the direct line of succession, such as Prince William, the job is a bit tougher. Those select few are under constant pressure to be their best at all times, and they are being observed by millions of people every day.

Prince Charles is next in line to take the British throne, which is a job that his younger son, Prince Harry, once admitted that no one actually wants. There is no doubt that he is a little nervous about what is what to come, since being the ruling monarch of an entire country is about as high-profile as it gets.

While he will definitely have the support of plenty of people, he needs a few that he can count on without worry. Here is why Prince Charles trusts Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William “implicitly,” according to a royal source.

What is the line of succession in the British royal family?

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

The British line of succession is a bit confusing, so let’s take a moment to break it down. Technically, every member of the royal family has a place in line for the throne. However, it is highly unlikely for the majority of them to ever be crowned king or queen.

Those who are in the direct line of successions — such as Princes William and his father, Prince Charles — are more or less guaranteed to one day take the throne. After the death of Queen Elizabeth or if she opts to step down, Prince Charles will become king. Prince Charles will be ollowed by Prince William, who will be succeeded by his son, Prince George.

Who will be the ruling monarch after that? The firstborn of Prince George will be next in line, and so forth and so on. That is all under the assumption that the monarchy will still be an institution at the time.

Prince Charles will likely need some help

Prince Charles is already 71 years old. According to Reader’s Digest, he will become the ruling monarch the moment Queen Elizabeth passes away.

Prince Charles is older than many people are when they retire, and he has yet to take over the job. This is why he will likely need a bit of help when the time comes, and he knows that he can turn to Prince William and Kate to assist him in getting things done.

While the Cambridges already carry out full-time royal duties, it is likely that they will get significantly busier when Prince Charles becomes king. It is a good thing Prince William and Kate have plenty of experience and are fully committed to doing the best job that they can when it comes to their royal roles.

Prince Charles trusts Kate Middleton and Prince William ‘implicitly’

Since he definitely needs people that he knows he can turn to, it is wonderful that Prince Charles has a son and daughter-in-law that he can trust “implicitly.” According to a royal source, reports US Magazine, the oldest son of the queen is in awe of how they have handled their responsibilities over the years.

He knows just how dedicated Prince William and Kate are to doing the best that they can in their roles, and he knows that they are more than ready to assist him when the time comes as well as one day take on the role of king and queen themselves.

“[Charles] can’t do it all himself,” the source told US Magazine. “He trusts his son and daughter-in-law implicitly, and marvels at what a breath of fresh air they’ve been.”

And it’s not just Prince Charles: Queen Elizabeth is reportedly thrilled with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well.

“The wonderful thing about Kate and William is that they remain focused and calm even during their most challenging times,” the source says. “[Queen Elizabeth] couldn’t be prouder. She takes pride in being on top of everything but recognizes that it’s time to hand off some responsibility.”