How Prince Charles Was ‘Humiliated’ by Princess Diana and How He Dealt With It

Princess Diana and Prince Charles had a long drawn out marriage that neither of them was truly happy in. They struggled for years with the reality of their situation. Eventually, things came to a head and they decided on a formal separation in 1992. During this time, things weren’t exactly cordial. Obviously there was a lot of pent-up resentment and frustration from years of a broken marriage and it came out in different ways.

Princess Diana was candid about her marriage in her biography

Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Prince Charles and Princess Diana | Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Princess Diana was extremely open when she participated in the creation of her famous best-selling novel written by Andrew Morton called Diana: Her True Story. She revealed a lot of information that the public found absolutely shocking. She was miserable in her marriage to Charles, who was also having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, who is now his wife.

The novel didn’t put Charles in a good light. Diana revealed their unhappiness and his infidelity. She also came clean about her struggle with bulimia nervosa and her multiple suicide attempts. Princess Diana was finally able to tell her side of the story to the world, and the public was with her. She was absolutely miserable and had been silently screaming for help since the very beginning.

Prince Charles’ friends would occasionally get involved

Charles read the novel and reportedly told his friends not to say things about Diana the way she had about him. Prince Charles’ friends have been known for their involvement between the royal couple, which was something Diana wasn’t happy about. His friends were even mentioned in Morton’s novel about the Princess.

Prince Charles was in a unique position as the next in line to the throne, he couldn’t get away with things that other people could. He chose to keep his hands clean when it came to his wife, at least for a little while.

Prince Charles was ‘humiliated’

The Prince and Princess of Wales
The Prince and Princess of Wales | Jayne Fincher/Getty Images

Royal author Penny Junor of The Firm says Prince Charles was “humiliated” by Morton’s novel. “The Prince of Wales was utterly humiliated by ‘Diana: Her True Story’.”

Junor said that she would let people know that Charles wouldn’t criticize Diana in such a public way as she had done, and people of course already assumed that his many friends would handle the situation for him so he wouldn’t dirty his hands. In fact, some even approached Junor to speak out.

“Some of his friends did feel that the injustice meted out to him by Morton’s book was intolerable and I, for one, was encouraged by several of them to try to redress the balance, but they were not thanked for their trouble and neither was I,” Junor revealed.

Penny Junor was ‘dropped’ from a project with Prince Charles

Some time passed and just a few years later, Prince Charles sat down with British journalist Jonathan Dimbleby for his famous interview. Junor explained that she was originally supposed to interview Charles during that time, but it never happened.

“[Producer] Christopher Martins and I had been to a private lunch at Highgrove to discuss it with him,” Junor said. “Suddenly I was dropped from the project and discovered very much later the reason why – I had defended him too vigorously in the media.”

Prince Charles admitted to his affair

Prince Charles found his own way to get back at his wife. He spoke with Dimbleby in an eye-opening documentary where he confirmed to the whole world that he wasn’t being faithful to Diana. He was asked if he had been “faithful and honorable” when he married Princess Diana. “Yes, absolutely,” Charles said.

But things didn’t just stop there. Charles became a little too candid as the interview continued. “And you were?” Dimbleby followed up about whether Charles was faithful to Princess Diana. “Yes,” said Prince Charles while also saying, “Until it became irretrievably broken down, us both having tried.”

Things between Prince Charles and Princess Diana remained tense until the official divorce happened in 1996. Princess Diana would die the following year in a terrible car accident.