Prince Charles Will Never Let Prince William Take the Throne Before Him

Lineage is THE deciding factor when it comes to the British throne. Queen Elizabeth II took up the responsibilities as a young woman due to her father’s untimely passing. She went on to have her own children…ones she raised to fill her shoes.

Prince Charles Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince Charles with his sons Prince William and Prince Harry | Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince Charles, her firstborn, has been ready to take the torch for 50+ years, but his mother is clinging to the throne with no signs of stepping down. With that much determination, it’s no surprise that Prince Charles also has no intention of letting his son, Prince William, take the throne before him. That steadfastness clearly runs the family!

Queen Elizabeth II isn’t giving up the throne

Queen Elizabeth II is not going to step down from the throne. Sure, she’s 93 years old, but Her Majesty intends to live out her days as the Monarch of her country. Other rulers would be ready to retire after wearing the crown for such a lengthy duration — not the Queen. After 67 years serving her country, she’s yet to tire of her duties. How has the Queen managed to maintain a healthy relationship with her title?

As it turns out, Queen Elizabeth II has a unique interpretation of her job. Instead of perceiving it as being sworn into an office, she considers her reign an “incarnation.” At 26 years old, she told her people that she would reign for the entirety of her life. She meant it. 

“She will not step down because she does not believe this is about an office, she thinks it’s about an incarnation. She’s not running for office. The Queen will die in her bed as the Queen.” – Tina Brown

Now that she has 50+ years under her belt and has broke 90-years-old, royalist wonder just how much time the beloved Queen will continue to be active. Thanks to the longevity in her bloodline paired with her healthy habits, Queen Elizabeth II could be rocking her title for another decade!

People want Prince William to be the next king

Queen Elizabeth II is standing her ground and Prince Charles is waiting in the wings to step up. Everything is set-up and ready to go for the switch, but people are still pushing to see Prince William take the coveted spot as the next ruler of England. Why? What makes royalists prefer Prince William to his father, The Prince of Wales?

Well, as it turns out, the Duke of Cambridge is light years ahead of his father in terms of popularity. This has been the case in the polls for years. While Prince (and Camilla Parker Bowles) have worked tirelessly to gain traction with the public, the numbers still swing in his eldest son’s favor. According to a survey run by BMG Research, 46% of British citizens want Prince Charles to abdicate his right to the throne upon his mother’s passing. Even harsher, only 20% stand in support of Bowles taking the title of Queen in the event Prince Charles does take the throne. 

Prince Charles plans to take his seat on the throne no matter what

Prince Charles has been waiting for decades to fulfill his destiny. Considering all the time he has waited and continues to wait, it’s hard to imagine him allowing Prince William to take his place. After all, he’s had so many years to work out how he will reign. Why would he pass up that opportunity now…after spending 50 or so odd years working out the details?

Despite Prince Charles being ready and willing to fulfill his role, royal expert Rhiannon Mills believes he will need the support of his children to fill Queen Elizabeth II’s shoes successfully. Why? As far as the expert is concerned, at 70 years old, he will need Prince Harry and Prince William by his side to really solidify his ability to rule over the people. They will act as his confidants and his cabinet. 

“In some ways, Prince Charles is just like any parent as they get older, they need the support of their children.” – Rhiannon Mills

Considering Queen Elizabeth II does work closely with Prince Charles, this isn’t all too surprising. Mills also believes that all the time spent waiting means that the Prince of Wales is bound to be an active king instead of a meddling monarch. We just have to wait and see if Prince Charles will take a page out of his mother’s book and become the next most beloved ruler of our time.