Here’s What Prince George is Actually Learning At School Every Day

Prince George is five years old, which means he has officially graduated from the pre-school days and is on to the big leagues. But the school he attends has a curriculum that’s a bit different than most schools in England — and its high tuition cost reflects that. George attends an expensive school that gives children a different kind of learning experience. Here’s what he’s actually doing every day.

Prince George's official 4th birthday photo
Prince George’s official 4th birthday photo | Kensington Palace via Instagram

George attends Thomas’s Battersea School

George enrolled at Thomas’s Battersea in September 2017. The school caters to young children ages four to 13, but it’s unclear if George will be at the school all those years. (His sister, Princess Charlotte, attends Willcocks Nursery School, so their parents may eventually want them in the same place.) The school costs around $26,000 per year for the oldest child, but there is a discount for other children of the same family. It’s unclear why Prince William and Kate Middleton chose to send George to the school, but it could be because of its hands-on curriculum that’s a bit different than other schools.

He takes ballet classes

George has the ability to learn about the arts at Thomas’s Battersea. According to Town & Country, his weekly schedule includes time for ballet lessons. The ballet classes are optional, but George seems to take after Princess Diana and enjoys dancing, which explains why he decided to include weekly lessons in his schedule. Princess Charlotte recently began taking ballet lessons, too.

Although George takes the lessons at school, according to the school’s tuition document, any extra ballet lessons (should he want them more often) are not included in tuition. Will and Kate would need to pay more out of pocket for those.

His physical education classes feature gymnastics and swimming

George’s gym classes are more intense than any public school would provide. Rather than playing volleyball in a poorly-vented gym with 50 other students, George takes sports lessons in gymnastics and swimming. It’s unclear how often he participates in the sports, but he probably likes it much better than most children would like public school gym time.

He also takes basic courses, such as math, history, and geography — a lot for a five year old

He might only be five, but he’s already learning intense subjects at school. Although the school likely knows not to overwork the children, George is reportedly learning about history, geography, and even religious studies although he’s only in his first structured year.

The school expects learning to go beyond the classroom

Thomas’s Battersea encourages a healthy home and school partnership, according to the school’s website. This means that Will and Kate must extend George’s learning beyond the classroom, teaching him things such as manners and ethics and also supporting him in his daily learning. Will and Kate bring George to school almost every day, which shows that the two are dedicated to supporting him and helping him succeed. Although the family hasn’t said how long George will attend the school, Will and Kate seem to be content with the way things are going.

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