When Will Prince William and Kate Middleton Share New Photos of Prince George?

Prince William and Kate Middleton might not hide their kids from the royal spotlight, but they certainly control how much time Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis spend in the public eye.

Before their little brother came along, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were more involved in royal life as they occasionally joined their parents on royal tours and engagements. But, as they have gotten older and become busier with school, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave their children at home.  

Prince George
Prince George | Samir Hussein/WireImage

One way Prince William and Kate Middleton involve their three small children with royal life is by periodically sharing photos of their sons and daughter on social media. From birthday wishes to family vacations, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge use their own platform to allow fans a glimpse into their fabulous royal lives. However, we haven’t seen much of the kids since around the holidays when Prince William and Kate Middleton shared their family Christmas card.

When will Prince William and Kate Middleton share new photos of Prince George? Find out, ahead.

Photos of Prince George

Prince George might not know he is the future king — or royalty for that matter — but he probably gets a sense that he is someone special. After all, photographers follow him and his parents around everywhere they go.

While we might see new photos surface of Prince George from paparazzi, we probably won’t get any new “official” photo updates from Kensington Palace until at least Prince Louis’s first birthday on April 23rd. Every year, as part of the royal family’s social media efforts, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge share a special birthday post for their sons and daughter. Typically, these photos are solo shots of the birthday boy or girl but, last year, Prince Louis made a cameo in Princess Charlotte’s birthday photos, which means Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t opposed to sharing photos of all their children on their youngest child’s birthday.

If Prince George doesn’t show up in Prince Louis birthday post, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might share a photo of him with his sister, Princess Charlotte on May 2nd for her fourth birthday. Additionally, they might choose to share a photo of Prince George with Prince William in honor of his June 21st birthday or, perhaps, even a photo of their three children with their new baby cousin, due this spring.

Prince George’s birthday is July 22nd and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will honor their son with a special birthday post — aka a new photo — as they have done in recent years.

Photos of Princess Charlotte

Like her big brother, Princess Charlotte might also make a special appearance on her parents’ Instagram account to celebrate Prince Louis’ milestone first birthday. If not, the little princess will receive her own shout out — and new image — on her May 2nd birthday.

Photos of Prince Louis

Prince William and Kate Middleton could technically post a new photo of their youngest son tomorrow. However, it’s more likely that they will wait until the end of April to share photos of Prince Louis’s on his first birthday.

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