Are Prince George and Princess Charlotte Close?

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are the apple of the public’s eye. In terms of the royal family, these adorable little ones are who everyone gets excited to see and hear about. But growing up in the royal family definitely means their lives are far different from other children their age, and they don’t seem to hang out with too many friends outside the family. So are George and Charlotte close?

Princess Charlotte with Prince William and Prince George
Prince William with Prince George and Princess Charlotte | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

They spend plenty of time together

George and Charlotte pretty much have no choice but to spend every day together. Since they’re royal, their lives vary greatly from their peers in many ways. And something they’ll be able to bond over as they grow up is being royal, since it’s so difficult for any outsider to understand what that could be like. The two constantly attend events together, and being so young, they don’t have any real friends right now. (Plus, George’s school actually discourages him from making a best friend.) The royal family sticks very closely together, so it’s likely they’ll always be spending a lot of time with one another.

They both enjoy some of the same hobbies

The young children of course have their differences, but not with everything. One thing they both love is ballet. George began taking ballet lessons because they were offered at his school. Shortly after, Charlotte began taking lessons at a prestigious London dance studio. The two have dancing in common, which many people think was passed down from Princess Diana. Diana always had a passion for dancing, which may explain why Prince William and Kate Middleton encouraged their own children to get involved in the activity.

They bonded over getting a little brother

Perhaps the most important event the two of them have been through together was the arrival of their little brother, Prince Louis. Although both of them were probably too young to fully remember his birth down the road, it was a major event that turned them both into big brother and big sister (even though George had been through this before). The royal family welcomed Louis back in April 2018, and George and Charlotte were spotted walking into the hospital, holding hands with their father. He encouraged them to wave hello to the onlookers, and Charlotte let out the most adorable royal wave that was talked about for days after.

The queen has said Charlotte is the one ‘in charge’ and looks out for her big brother  

Although George is the big brother, it doesn’t seem like he and Charlotte have the typical big-brother-little-sister sibling relationship. Older brothers are often very protective of their younger siblings, but with Charlotte and George, it appears to be the other way around. According to Elle, the queen was once honoring a young student during a ceremony when she asked if the student watched out for her younger sibling (who was in the audience). The student’s mother remarked that it was actually the other way around, to which the queen replied it was the same with George and Charlotte. Kate Middleton has also said that Charlotte is the child in charge around the house. The siblings might not have a traditional relationship, but they seem to be very close.

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