Prince George’s Favorite Hobbies Are Super Adorable

As a member of the royal family, it’s difficult to remember Prince George is just like any other kid. Sure, the 5-year-old may be third in line for the throne, but that doesn’t mean he has to act like a king just yet. Luckily, Prince William and Kate Middleton are doing what they can to ensure their oldest son (along with his two younger siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis) have the most normal lives they can possibly have.

While George may have a few hobbies that prove how privileged he really is, most of his favorite pastimes are completely normal (and totally adorable).

Prince George

Prince George | Richard Pohle/AFP/Getty Images

Playing with dinosaurs

One of George’s most adorable obsessions? Anything that has to do with dinosaurs. In 2016, Middleton attended a dinosaur-themed party, which involved a mini-fossil dig with a group of children. According to Us Weekly, the Duchess of Cambridge asked, “Does anyone like T. rex?” She explained, “George likes T. rex. I think probably because it’s the noisiest and scariest.”

George apparently has some pretty intense interests, as Middleton also revealed he’s fascinated by volcanoes. This could have stemmed from the fact that Middleton and her children have visited the Museum of Natural History on numerous occasions.


George began skiing at quite a young age, so his skills will definitely be impressive when he gets older. Middleton revealed during a royal tour of Sweden and Norway that George began taking lessons in 2016 at just 2 years old during a visit to the French Alps.

Riding on helicopters and planes

Prince George

Prince George | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Some kids may be terrified of flying, but not George. He’s had plenty of experience riding in helicopters and airplanes, and he reportedly loves it. We aren’t actually surprised, considering flying is in George’s blood thanks to William. The young royal’s father is not only an air ambulance pilot, but also has experience as a search and rescue pilot.

When William and Middleton brought their family on a royal tour of Canada in 2016, George got the chance to pretend to fly a seaplane in Victoria, British Columbia. The prince was eager, to say the least, as he told Middleton he was “going to fly them to England.”

Playing tennis

George may not be serious about playing tennis just yet, but Middleton is hoping this becomes one of his hobbies. According to the BBC, Middleton once asked a tennis coach for tips on how to encourage George to pick up a racket. As of now, George apparently just wants to “whack the ball around” — but we’d call that a good starting point!

Horseback riding

What kid wouldn’t love riding horses? Lucky for George, he has plenty of opportunities to do so. According to a royal source for Hello!, William’s cousin Zara Tindall offered one of her ponies for George to learn some horseback riding skills:

William and Kate were really keen to get George riding – it’s something all the royals do and the whole family adore animals. But obviously he’s only small so they didn’t want to put him on a big horse. They asked Zara if they could use one of her Shetland ponies and he’s been learning to ride on one of those.

Obsessing over fire trucks and police cars

Even though George could become king one day, he may actually prefer to be a fireman or a police officer. In 2017, he even asked Father Christmas for a police car, on account of being nice all year.

George’s desire for a police car, however, may actually have more to do with the fact that it’s on wheels. According to Hello!, William revealed to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2016, “[George is] obsessed with anything on wheels” — just like any other kid his age would be.