Prince Harry Admits This Surprising Fear for Archie, Calling It ‘Terrifying’

Most new parents worry about raising a child for a variety of reasons, but for Prince Harry, there’s one thing he calls “terrifying” for his first child with Meghan Markle. During Prince Harry’s interview with Dr. Jane Goodall for Vogue, he touched on the biggest worry he has for Archie — and for all children, really.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle baby Archie
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Dominic Lipinski – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry discussed his worries

Prince Harry and Markle recently welcomed baby Archie into their family and he has some big concerns as a new dad.

While discussing some of the environmental issues our planet is facing, Harry admitted the most “terrifying” thing about having a child.

Goodall spoke specifically of what we’re all up against, noting: “It’s crazy to think we can have unlimited economic development on a planet with finite natural resources. There’s a lot of violence and war and suffering around the world today, but we’re part of the natural world, and if we can’t learn to live in harmony with it, then this is going to get worse. There will be more conflicts, people fighting over the last fertile land, the last fresh water.”

Harry explained why they only plan to have two children

Any rumors of the couple having a big family have been shut down, as Prince Harry said it’s not in their plans — and for a very good reason.

Prince Harry noted, “What we need to remind everybody is: these are things that are happening now. We are already living in it. We are the frog in the water and it’s already been brought to the boil. Which is terrifying.”

Goodall remarked, “Happening and happened. It is terrifying. Especially as you’ve just had a baby.”

When she asked Harry, “Well, it does make it different, doesn’t it?,” referring to him being a new parent, it did give him pause, as he shared this insight: “It does make it different. I think, weirdly, because of the people that I’ve met and the places that I’ve been fortunate enough to go to, I’ve always had a connection and a love for nature. I view it differently now, without question. But I’ve always wanted to try and ensure that, even before having a child and hoping to have children…”

Goodall interjected, “Not too many!” and Harry confirmed that they will have “two, maximum!”

He went on to share, “But I’ve always thought: this place is borrowed. And, surely, being as intelligent as we all are, or as evolved as we all are supposed to be, we should be able to leave something better behind for the next generation.”

Markle touched on her pregnancy and new baby in her Vogue letter

As part of her gig as guest editor, Markle penned a letter for the Vogue issue, in which she touched on this “special time” in her and Harry’s life.

She wrote in her editor’s letter: “I was about five months pregnant when this process began, and by the time you hold this issue in your hands, my husband and I will be holding our three-month-old baby boy in ours.”

She continued, noting: “It’s a very special time for me personally, on so many levels; working with Edward [British Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful] and his team, both during my pregnancy and my maternity leave, has played no small part in that joy — it has been a privilege to be welcomed and supported by this amazing team.”