Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Following These Instagram Accounts For a Very Specific Reason

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are very private people. We only know what they want us to know about them. One of the ways that we get some insight into their lives is through their Instagram, Sussex Royal.

The royal couple uses their Instagram to showcase important events, as well as to shine a light on causes that are important to them.

Each month the pair chooses a charity to showcase. In August, they actually asked for suggestions of charities and organizations who are currently making a difference in the world.

Who are Markle and Prince Harry following?

This week, the couple announced the causes that they chose, which are now the only social media accounts they are following.

“This month we turned to you for ideas of accounts to follow featuring people, organisations, and causes that you find inspiring or noteworthy. Thank you to each and every one of you who contributed!” they captioned a recent photo on Instagram.

“Many of you have suggested that we use this month as an opportunity to highlight lesser known organisations and shine a light on those working hard behind the scenes that may not get the level of attention that they so rightly deserve.”

Fifteen charities total were chosen, including Tiny Tickers, an organization that helps babies with heart conditions, Art of Hope, which supports the mental health of refugees from war-torn countries, Lion Guardians, a lion conservation organization, and Beescause, which is dedicated to increasing the bee population in the world.

Why were these accounts chosen?

Each of these accounts was chosen because they are creating change in the world.

“These accounts showcase those persevering at the grassroots level, connecting our global community through a shared lens of giving back and helping one another,” the caption continued. “We were so happy to learn about them and are now able to share them with you!

“Thank you for being part of this collective conversation with us; we hope everyone has enjoyed discovering many of these accounts and engaging with each other on how we can all be Forces For Change.”

Forces for Change

The theme of finding organizations that are making a difference in the world is on par with British Vogue’s September “Forces For Change” issue that Markle guest-edited.

“For the cover, The Duchess chose a diverse selection of women from all walks of life, each driving impact and raising the bar for equality, kindness, justice and open mindedness,” the royal couple announced on their Instagram. “The sixteenth space on the cover, a mirror, was included so that when you hold the issue in your hands, you see yourself as part of this collective.”

And inside the issue, the Duchess also chose to include causes that she cared about.

“We are excited to announce that within the issue you’ll find: an exclusive interview between The Duchess and former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, a candid conversation between The Duke of Sussex and Dr. Jane Goodall, inspirational articles written by Brené Brown, Jameela Jamil, and many others,” the caption continued. “Equally, you’ll find grassroots organizations and incredible trailblazers working tirelessly behind the scenes to change the world for the better.”