Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Just Got Support From 1 Unlikely Source

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are still in the midst of the fallout created by their decision to step back as senior members of the royal family. The couple announced on January 8th that they will be retiring from active service in the royal ranks and intend to start pursuing independent projects in order to bring in their own income.

The effect of the announcement was swift and immediate, with royal fans everywhere going into shock and the royal family itself going into crisis management mode. While many people are angry at Meghan and Prince Harry’s decision, a surprising number of big-name supporters have spoken out in defense of the couple.

The royal family is reeling from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision

The royal family is an age-old institution with strong values — one of those values is to keep quiet to the press about what goes on within the family ranks. Therefore, if anyone in the royal family is truly angry at Prince Harry and Meghan, they will be keeping it close to the vest.

Still, there have been sources close to the family who have revealed that the queen was blindsided by the shocking announcement and that Prince Charles, Prince Harry’s father, is devastated by the news.

Some sources have even claimed that the royal family had no idea that the announcement would be coming so soon and that they had no time to prepare for the magnitude of the statement. Whatever their personal feelings are, the royal family had no choice but to come around to Prince Harry and Meghan’s plan, and very soon, the royal family will be significantly pared down. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have celebrity supporters

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | VICTORIA JONES/AFP via Getty Images

Even if the royal family wasn’t thrilled with Meghan and Prince Harry’s bold new plan, there have been several celebrities to come out of the woodwork and voice their support for the couple.

Oprah has been one of the couple’s most vocal supporters for several years and was even a guest at their May 2018 wedding. Their partnership with Oprah is only beginning, as Prince Harry is set to work with the media mogul in a major upcoming project.

Once the news of Prince Harry and Meghan’s exit was announced, entertainment icon Bette Midler spoke out in support, saying that she hopes Meghan “bankrupts” the entirety of the royal family. Other celebrities — such as Maria Shriver, Jessica Mulroney, and Naomi Campbell — have been outspoken supporters of “Megxit,” praising the couple’s tenacity and desire to make their own way in the world. 

Who is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s latest supporter?

Meghan and Prince Harry’s latest supporter is perhaps the most surprising of all. Recently, Prince Laurent of Belgium spoke out, stating that he completely understands their decision and that life as a royal means that you are treated as an “object.”

Similar to Prince Harry, Prince Laurent has experienced his fair share of controversy and has come under fire in the past several years for various actions that have been perceived by several royal watchers as unprofessional.

For instance, Prince Laurent once took a phone call during a military parade, no doubt incurring the wrath of some of his family members. In addition, he has been very vocal about how he believes royal life places unnecessary restrictions on his time and has even admitted that he “gets tired” of life as a royal family member.

Perhaps he senses kindred spirits in Prince Harry and Meghan and wanted to take the time to express solidarity with them.