Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Prove They Are the Complete Opposite of the Cambridges

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just released the documentary based on their charity tour in Africa titled Harry and Meghan! An African Adventure! 

As anticipated from the teasers, this hard-hitting documentary jumps right into not just the culture and the charity works, but the unique personal journey that Harry and Meghan are going through.

For all their opposition to the tabloid press, the latest royal couple is being much more open, honest, and emotional than we are used to seeing from royals even in their most important life moments.

Most strikingly, the raw emotion and sentiment revealed during the Africa tour is a stark contrast to the glamorous but distant Cambridges, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry visit Johannesburg.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Royals are traditionally distant from their media coverage

Public image is vitally important to the royal family, but most of the time coverage of royal stories leaves us feeling like distant spectators to the ongoing fashion show and public events of royal news coverage.

In interviews, royals tend to be cool, collected, and strategically on-message; whatever the day’s message might be.

This tradition goes hand-in-hand with the strong British value of friendly stoicism. The royals share the public moments of their life and deliver the occasional speech, but public displays of emotion or even personal sentiment are rare. But Prince Harry and his bride are breaking the mold.

William and Kate are both distant and glamorous

Prince William and Kate Middleton are no exception to this tradition. In fact, some have said they take their royal aloofness a little too far. Consider the Canada tour that the Cambridges took immediately after their glamorous and highly publicized wedding. In Canada, they touched on a few charitable causes but also managed to meet up and be photographed with celebrities like Nicole Kidman, J-Lo, Tom Hanks, and David Beckham.

This glamor-tour was enough to displease Prince Charles, father of William and Harry, who felt that after their already flashing wedding the Canada tour was just another opportunity to bathe in the limelight. He would have preferred they spend more time on charity works and less time on photo-ops.

During this time, we saw only smiles and Kodak moments without a real hint of who might be underneath the fabulous clothes and celebrity events.

Harry and Meghan show their true selves on camera

Prince Harry and Meghan spent their first big charity tour truly focusing on charity and the causes of the people. The documentary shows an incredible journey through Africa and highlights the charitable works the pair have sponsored and participated in. But in even greater contrast with the Cambridges, they both open up and show us a piece of their true selves and emotions on camera; something that William and Kate and most of the royal family would seemingly never do.

Meghan Markle is featured in a solo interview where she tears up after being asked how she, personally, is doing in the intense limelight of royal life. She reveals that throughout her pregnancy and with a newborn, she has felt vulnerable and the constant barrage of negative press coverage has been difficult.

Prince Harry reveals something about himself that explains so much of his actions and choices in a separate private interview; that every click and camera flash reminds him of the death of his mother. His fierce protection of Meghan is out of love and a lingering fear that the attacking press will do the same to his beloved wife.

Harry and Meghan face their fears with media honesty

You might think after the negative press and the passionate press release and the lawsuit that Harry and Meghan would be resistant to press coverage. But instead, they’re charging ahead looking to shape their own story. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have an active Instagram account, often using this to share photos of private events rather than allowing photographers into their life.

They are giving heartfelt interviews that reveal their true selves rather than letting distant journalists define their actions. And they are doing a wonderful job of it.

For Meghan, who has been overwhelmed by royal media coverage and for Harry, who still has bad memories every time he sees a reporter, they have decided to make changes by becoming more open than royals have in the past. So they can take control of their story.