Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Latest Move Proves They Are Cutting Ties With the Royal Family and Want to Be Financially Independent, Experts Claim

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are sending a message by repaying their Frogmore Cottage renovations in full, according to experts. The Sussexes’ desire for financial independence is clear and settling their debt, the experts believe, means they are completely cutting ties with the royal family.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend the Commonwealth Day Service 2020
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have to pay for their home renovations?

During the Sept. 11 episode of The HeirPod podcast, host Omid Scobie shed some light on why Prince Harry and Meghan decided to pay for their Frogmore Cottage home renovations in full.

“What was initially thought to be a repayment plan saw Harry very recently pay the entire thing off in one go,” Scobie explained. “That announcement that they wanted to repay that costs was completely voluntary. There was no request from the royal family or the crown estates.”

When asked if they were required to repay that cost, Scobie said, “Not at all. When we look at other members of the royal family, they have all afforded that same privilege of their working residence to be covered, or at least the renovation cost to be covered, by the Sovereign Grant.”

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Does this repayment mean they are cutting ties with the royal family?

Scobie addressed whether their repayment in full was a sign that the Sussexes might not be returning to the royal family, explaining how Prince Harry and Meghan “are very keen” to silence the debate over taxpayer money being used.

“Now, of course very recently, they signed a landmark Netflix deal for 5 years to produce scripted shows, documentaries, docuseries, children’s animation, you name it… Of course, this gives them that financial independence that they wanted,” he added.

Scobie called the deal an “incredible achievement,” sharing, “I think for them, that desire to truly break away from the things that people have criticized them for or are at the center of debate, this has been, I think, a moment that has been a huge one of relief for them.”

“What this deal has given them is financial security for the future,” Scobie said. “I think the couple have been very keen to establish themselves as independent.” In addition to their Netflix deal, the couple has “officially cut off voluntarily from Prince Charles’ purse.”

Scobie shared how the couple is still in a probationary period following their exit, which he explained lasts until March. “I think that for them, rather than leaving the door open until then, they want to use this time to prove that it can stay shut.”

“I think it was very smart of the Sussexes to truly draw that line” by paying off their debt, he explained. “One could argue that there’s very little left for them to be criticized for.”

This is the ‘clearest sign’ that Prince Harry and Meghan are cutting their ties

During the Sept. 11 ITV Royal Rota podcast, hosts Chris Ship and Lizzie Robinson chatted about the Sussexes paying back the renovation costs and explained there “couldn’t be a clearer sign” they want to “cut ties.”

“A lot of the commentary around this was that this couldn’t be a clearer sign that they are done, cut ties with their lives as working members of the royal family,” Robinson noted. “They’re not coming back… a lot of people are saying this is significant because there are no ties anymore.”

“Yes, the ties have been well and truly severed,” Ship agreed. “So Harry and Meghan are now setting out as former royals with a very lucrative deal with a private media company, Netflix, living in a mansion which they are funding themselves.”