Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Resignation Won’t Be Documented on ‘The Crown’

If you were hoping to see the so-called “Megxit” portrayed on the Netflix series, The Crown, you’re out of luck. According to one of the show’s producers, there is a reason why it can’t be included in the critically-acclaimed series.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Canada House
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex depart Canada House on January 07, 2020 in London, England | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The latest the ‘The Crown’ plans to go is the early 2000s

Not only will Harry and Meghan’s resignation be a part of The Crown, the show, as of right now, is not set to cover Markle’s entry into the royal family at all. Part of the reason is due to time and planning.

First of all, series creator Peter Morgan has always planned for the show to last for six seasons, divided into three parts. Season 3 (which debuted on Netflix late last year) overs the late 1960s to the late 1970s. The upcoming season 4 will bring the series into the 1980s. This means season 5 will touch the 1990s and season 6 would wrap around the start of the 2000s.

Specifically referring to the resignation being on the show, executive producer Suzanne Mackie said, “To be honest, whatever the life of The Crown is after where we are now, I doubt we’ll ever go as far into the present day. I think we’ll probably – we won’t travel into the present day.”

The series creator feels a certain way about potentially writing these events

As far as the most recent royal events, not just “Megxit” Morgan has said he wouldn’t want to write about those things anyway. He seemed to hint that the royals’ prior history is dated enough to be fictionalized, whereas the newer headlines would be too soon.

Back in 2018, he told Entertainment Weekly, “I know how my show is going to end — but that’s long before where we are now. I feel uncomfortable writing about events within a certain time period. I think there’s a certain amount of time within which, if you write about it, what you do instantly becomes journalistic. Because it’s too close to the moment. If you wait a certain amount of time, if you allow fifteen or twenty years, basically a generation, between you and [the events] then you can write about it somewhat freely as drama.”

He continued, “Let’s wait twenty years and see what there is to say about Meghan Markle. I don’t know what there is to say about Meghan Markle at the moment. I wouldn’t know and I wouldn’t presume. She’ll only become interesting once we’ve had twenty years to digest who she is and what her impact has been. If I were to write about Meghan Markle I would automatically be writing journalistically. I’ve got nothing to say about Meghan Markle.”

The Crown season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.