Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding Cake Broke These Long-standing Royal Traditions

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, broke not one but two royal family traditions with their wedding cake. Keep reading to get all the details on their wedding cake and the traditions they ddidn’t follow.

Who made thei wedding cake?

Claire Ptak of Violet Bakery Cafe created the royal couple’s wedding cake. Ptak, met Markle before in her previous life when she still had her lifestyle blog, The Tig.

Markle conducted an interview with Ptak and published it on her site. Ptak, like Markle, is also from California.

The cake’s unusual flavor

Prince Harry and Markle went for an unusually flavored cake for their wedding day. They didn’t go for chocolate or vanilla but instead opted for an elderflower and lemon-flavored cake.

Ptak spoke to The Telegraph about working with the couple to create their wedding cake. “They loved it. They tried quite a collection,” Ptak said. “What they said to me is that they really loved the idea of the seasonality and the freshness.”

Claire Ptak, Owner of Violet Bakery, and head baker Izaak Adam.
Claire Ptak and head baker, Izaak Adams. | Hannah McKay – WPA Pool /Geetty Images

Prince Harry reportedly wanted a banana cake because he loves anything banana-flavored. But ultimately, the elderflower and lemon cake won out. While the couple chose an unexpected cake flavor, they opted for a classic buttercream frosting.

What happened to the cake after the wedding?

Royal wedding cakes have gone on display in the past, including that of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Their wedding cake, a feat of architecture, had eight tiers with four three-tiered cakes at the bottom with a five-tiered cake sitting on top. Reportedly, the cost of the cake, including the labor and ingredients, amounted to $80,000.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's royal wedding cake
Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding cake | Lewis Whyld/WPA Pool/ Getty Images

Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding cake didn’t have as many tiers as William and Middleton’s cake but it probably still cost thousands of dollars to create.

Even though Markle and Prince Harry broke royal traditions with their cake, they likely still followed a few. Namely, the one where they save their wedding cake for other big occasions in their lives together.

For instance, guests at the christenings of Prince George and Princess Charlotte ate a tier of the cake from Middleton and Prince William’s wedding. This tradition is partly why they chose fruit cake as the flavor of their wedding cake, because it holds up well over time.

Their cake broke these traditions

The first tradition Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding cake broke is that royal wedding cakes are traditionally fruitcake flavored, that is at least the top tier. They went for an entire elderflower and lemon-flavored cake on their big day.

Here are a few royal weddings where fruitcake-flavored wedding cakes were served, according to Food & Wine:

  • Princess Diana and Prince Charles, 1981.
  • Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, 1973.
  • Princess Elizabeth, future queen of England, and Phillip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, 1947.
  • Prince Albert and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (parents of Queen Elizabeth II), 1923.
Kensington Palace | Twitter

The second royal tradition they broke has to do with the cake’s construction. Royal wedding cakes have typically been multi-tiered fruitcakes, like Middleton and Prince William’s cake.

Prince Harry and Markle chose another presentation style. The tiers of their cake were placed on individual stands and decorated with flowers.