Prince Harry and Prince Charles Used to Talk ‘for Hours and Hours’ Before Their Relationship Went Downhill

Prince Harry stepped down as a senior royal in 2020. Since then, he has been making headlines for his scathing comments about the royal family.

Recently, he criticized the parenting style adopted by many royals, including his father, Prince Charles. However, a few years before sharing this criticism, Harry notably talked about the close relationship he had with Charles.

Prince Charles and Prince Harry in 2014 talking and smiling
Prince Charles and Prince Harry in 2014 | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Harry recently criticized Prince Charles’ parenting style

During a recent visit to Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, Harry talked about his family. He shared that a major reason for moving away from the royals was for his child to escape the cycle of “genetic pain and suffering” he had endured.

“He’s treated me the way that he was treated,” Harry said, referring to Charles. “There’s a lot of genetic pain and suffering that gets passed on anyway. We as parents should be doing the most we can to try and say, ‘You know what? That happened to me. I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.’”

Harry explained that he had come to understand more about Charles’ childhood in relations to his own.

“I never knew about it,” Harry shared. “And then suddenly I started to piece it all together and go, ‘Okay, so this is where he went to school. This is what happened. I know this bit about his life. I also know that’s connected to his parents. So that means that he’s treated me the way that he was treated, which means how can I change that for my own kids?’”

Prince Harry and Prince Charles apparently used to talk ‘for hours and hours’

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Before Harry started being open about his discontentment, he used to talk positively about Charles.

For example, in 2017, Harry took over BBC Radio 4 and interviewed his father. During the talk, the two of them gave a glimpse into their relationship.

Charles took some time to talk about his interest in the environment. Since the 1960s, he has been an advocate for initiatives to combat climate change. Charles noted that he must have “bored [Harry] to tears” with how much he had talked about this subject.

However, Harry thought differently. He said, “We could talk about this for hours and hours, which we always do, but not with a microphone in front of us. I totally see it and I totally understand it because of all these years and conversations we’ve been having. I do end up picking your brains more now than I ever have done.”

Prince Charles is reportedly not happy with Prince Harry’s parenting comments

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Charles has not publicly commented on what Harry said on Shepard’s podcast. However, many people believe he is not happy.

Royal reporter Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight on May 16, “When Prince Charles was asked if he was aware of his son’s podcast today on an engagement, he pointedly refused to answer.”

Additionally, Charles recently filmed a video message for the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees conference in Adelaide. According to Yahoo, Charles displayed in the background a photo of himself, Prince William, Prince George, and Queen Elizabeth. In some of Charles’ previous videos, he had pictures of Harry up, so the absence of his second son raised many eyebrows.