Prince Harry Just Opened up About Family Time With Archie During Isolation

Like many of us, Prince Harry is just trying to find his footing amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has swept the globe. This comes at a particularly challenging time for the Duke of Sussex who has recently stepped away from the British royal family to seek out a more private and peaceful life.

Following their final royal engagements, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex have relocated to Los Angeles, California with their son, Archie Harrison. Though the pair had plans to return to the U.K. to celebrate Archie’s first birthday on May 6, that will no longer be possible.

The pair also had planned on launching their new brand Archewell, but that has also been put on hold. Instead, the prince is using this very strange time to bond with his son.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in LA amid the coronavirus pandemic

Though the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently living in a LA compound near Hollywood, they haven’t found a permanent residence just yet. Though they are practicing social distancing mid the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve found the time to volunteer.

The pair have been volunteering with Project Angel Food to deliver meals to those in need in West Hollywood. “They were both nice and very down-to earth people,” LA resident Dan Tyrell told WEHOville. “They had masks on, and they were dressed down with jeans, but very nice jeans. I thought that tall red-headed guy looked pretty familiar, and that girl was very pretty. Then I saw the large black SUVs with the security guards behind them. If they had given me the heads up, I would have worn my tiara!”

Prince Harry has been finding life outside of the royal family challenging

Though he’s staying busy with his volunteer work, his plans for Archewell, and his family, Prince Harry is finding life outside of the royal family a bit challenging.

“I don’t know how his career is going to map out, but yes, I’ve been in touch, though I think he’s finding life a bit challenging just now,” Prince Harry’s close from Jane Goodall told the Radio Timesaccording to The Guardian.

It has been most unsettling for the Duke of Sussex amid his father, Prince Charles’ COVID-19 diagnosis. “Harry has been staying in touch with his father and loves his grandmother,” an insider told Entertainment Tonight. “Harry misses his family.”

Prince Harry loves spending time with Archie

Despite this challenging time, the duke is making the most of it. He’s truly enjoyed spending quality time with his son, Archie. “There’s a hell of a lot of positives that are happening at the same time and being able to have family time—so much family time—that you almost think, ‘Do I feel guilty for having so much family time?’” Prince Harry revealed during a talk with his WellChild charity. “You’ve got to celebrate those moments where you are just on the floor rolling around in hysterics. Inevitably, half an hour later, maybe a day later, there’s going to be something that you have to deal with and there’s no way you can run away from it.”

The prince has also been working diligently to keep his morale and mental well-being high.

“I think it’s certainly strange times — everyone is experiencing the same thing in a very unique way,” he explained. “But the longer this goes on for, I imagine the harder it is for each and every one of you….It’s all about morale. If morale is up, if you wake up in the morning and go, ‘Right, new day, got my whole family here, what are we going to do?’ Of course, there’s that fear of what might happen, but there’s so much that’s out of our control and all of the sudden we’ve realized how small we are in the grand scheme of things.”