Prince Harry Used to Love This 1 Bizarre Food

The royal family keeps a lot of things about their personal lives as private as possible. However, one thing that has leaked about the royals is their love — and hate — for certain foods. The royals are arguably the most well-known family in the world, and they love to indulge in their share of delicious foods. And Prince Harry had one specific type of food he couldn’t get enough of while growing up.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry visits a food bank in 2019. | AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth, pool/Getty Images

The royal family has some interesting dietary restrictions

When we picture royal family dinners, we picture a massive dining table loaded with every food imaginable. However, it turns out Queen Elizabeth actually doesn’t enjoy eating all that much. She’s one of those people who eats to live, not because she loves indulging in sweet or savory foods. With that said, there are certain foods the royals almost never eat when they sit down for a meal together. The queen reportedly never allows garlic to be on the menu, and she doesn’t approve of pasta dishes, either. She also doesn’t allow certain types of seafood at family dinners, either.

Kate Middleton once revealed her kids love to make salad and pizza

While Prince William and Kate Middleton are definitely no ordinary couple, they do their best to keep life at home as normal as possible. This means that some nights, they cook dinner at home together — and Kate even lets her kids help out in the kitchen. When she attended King Henry’s Walk Garden back in January, Kate revealed that her children love putting together salads and making pizzas for the whole family to enjoy. “It’s such fun [making pizza]; you can choose what you can put on them — all the different toppings,” Kate said.

Kate Middleton attends King Henry’s Walk Garden in January.

Prince Harry was obsessed with banana-flavored foods growing up

All of the royals have their own favorite foods, but Prince Harry might have the most bizarre food fetish. Darren McGrady, who was a former chef to the royal family, told Today that Prince Harry was obsessed with anything banana flavored when he was younger. Whether it was banana flan or banana ice cream, the prince would eat it with excitement. Prince William reportedly loved banana flavored foods, too. However, Prince William loved chocolate biscuit cake more — he even had it at his 2011 wedding. The cake also happens to be one of the queen’s favorites.

Prince Harry’s diet has likely changed since marrying Meghan Markle

While Prince Harry might have enjoyed flan and ice cream growing up, he probably eats a much stricter diet now that he’s married to Meghan Markle. Meghan has always been very in tune with her health, and some think she even makes her own baby food for her son, Archie. When Meghan and Prince Harry were dating, she managed to get him to quit smoking. Harry also dropped about 10 pounds before the couple’s wedding, which was most likely due to Meghan insisting that her fiancé eat healthier meals. Meghan also loves yoga, and her healthy lifestyle has seemed to rub off on her new husband.