Prince Harry Shows Off Dad Skills: Practices Ballet with Children, Visits with Baby at West London YMCA

Prince Harry proves yet again how he’s going to be a great father — during a visit to a YMCA in West London, he happily took part in a kids’ ballet class, showing off his skills, as well as took a moment to coo at a three-month-old baby.

Prince Harry talks to a baby and his mom at during visit to YMCA
Prince Harry | Adrian Dennis-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry takes part in a ballet class

Prince Harry was more than happy to chat with the young children in the ballet class, where the teacher had the children demonstrate a balancing challenge.

The Duke of Sussex listened for the instructions and stood, arms extended to the sides and one leg up, as the children did the same, teetering about as they tried to balance. The challenge turned out to be an easy one for Prince Harry, who has likely been practicing yoga with wife Meghan Markle.

He praised the class for their efforts, telling them they “were all fantastic” and was all-around charming and sweet with the kids. Prince Harry was seen crouching down to talk with the young students, asking their names and how long they had taken lessons. When one child said “100 years,” Harry smiled and said “wow.”

Prince Harry demonstrates ballet talents during class at YMCA
Prince Harry | Adrian Dennis-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry met a very young fan

With royal baby mania reaching an all-time high in anticipation of Prince Harry and Markle’s baby’s birth, this adorable moment that Harry spent with three-month-old Naz was particularly touching.

He knelt down to talk with the baby and his mother, Maria Ahmad, giving Naz a smile and a touch as he asked if the baby had been sleeping. Was Harry gathering info for his upcoming plunge into fatherhood?    

He also took part in discussions on mental health topics

Prince Harry also spoke with residents who live in the YMCA accommodation, as well as with those who help with the YMCA’s Mental Health Champions Program. According to PEOPLE, “Harry learned about how the YMCA, in the London suburb of South Ealing, is supporting young people in the area and took part a roundtable discussion convened by The Royal Foundation’s ‘Heads Together’ campaign — the mental health initiative spearheaded by the royals.”

Heads Together tweeted about Prince Harry’s visit, noting: “The Duke of Sussex met with residents to learn more about how @YMCAeng_wales is helping them overcome the challenges they are facing with their mental health.”

They added: “@YMCAeng_wales has a fantastic group of Mental Health Champions that are supporting residents through peer-to-peer support. The Duke of Sussex met some of them today to learn more about the difference this support is making to the community.”

Fans were won over by Prince Harry’s interactions with the children

Prince Harry continues to show how at ease he is with children, a quality many believe proves he will be an amazing dad.

One person noted on Twitter: “I love Prince Harry. His engagements with children are really a treasure to watch. I can’t wait to see him & Duchess Meghan with their baby. He’s gonna make the best daddy & Meghan the best mommy to the Sussex’s children.”