Prince Harry Explains The Surprising Reason Why He Simply Can’t Live In Africa Right Now

It is no secret that Africa is one of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s favorite places in the entire world. They went to Botswana just after their second date, and Harry admitted that it was during that trip that he realized he was falling in love with the former American actress.

The royal couple just finished up a tour of Africa, even bringing along their baby son, Archie, who was at times the center of attention.

Even the center stone of Meghan’s engagement ring is sourced from Botswana, further proving the significance that Africa has to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

In recent months, Meghan and Harry have been the center of some negative media attention. It has gotten pretty out of hand, so much that they have been considering leaving the United Kingdom altogether as a way of escaping the drama.

They have been rumored to want to live in Africa, yet we found out that won’t be happening. Many fans are left wondering why, so Prince Harry explains the surprising reason why he simply can’t live in Africa right now. 

Prince Harry speaking at an event
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex | Tomohiro Ohsumi – Pool/Getty Images

Meghan and Harry love Africa

Just about everyone can say that they have a favorite place. Whether it be the beach, the mountains, or a specific city, it is a place that they enjoy going to over and over again. For Meghan and Harry, this place is Africa.

According to People, Prince Harry has said that he always felt “embraced” by Africa, and it is also the place where he feels most comfortable and loved. It was there that Prince Charles took him and his older brother, Prince William, shortly after Princess Diana passed away so that they could escape the chaos and drama that was going on.

Meghan enjoys visiting along with him, and it will always be a special place for them since it was where they took Archie on his first royal tour.

Rumors of a move

Leaving England in order to relocate to Africa would be a pretty big step and it was one that the Duke and Duchess were rumored to be thinking about.

According to Cosmopolitan, they were actually considering Canada at first but reportedly changed their minds. So why are they taking such drastic measures? They want to be able to lay low with all of the negative press that is surrounding them at this time.

Prince Harry and Meghan feel that they are being bullied by the British tabloids, and are even involved in a couple of lawsuits. They feel that they would get much more privacy if they were to be living on another continent, and Africa definitely holds a special place in both of their hearts.

In addition, Meghan and Harry feel that leaving England is in the best interest of Archie, and they would like him to grow up out of the royal spotlight, which just won’t happen if they stay in the United Kingdom. 

Prince Harry explains the surprising reason why he simply can’t live in Africa right now

Even though they were in talks to make the big move, it looks as if it just isn’t going to happen right now. What changed so suddenly?

Us Weekly reports that the couple feels that they might not be able to make as much of a positive impact as they would like to if they were to live in Africa with everything that is happening.

Although they say that they and Archie were extremely happy during their royal tour, it looks like a permanent move just isn’t right for the Sussex family at this time.