Prince Harry Gets Brutally Honest and Says ‘We’re All Part of the Problem’

It’s no secret to those who follow the royal family that Prince Harry has developed a passionate interest in saving the environment. As a young man, he would often devote his time and energy to environmental causes, and now that he is an adult with a family of his own, his enthusiasm for saving the planet has been renewed.

On September 29, Prince Harry surprised everyone by publishing an essay in The Telegraph, talking about the urgent need for everyone to take action in order to save the planet — and he certainly didn’t mince his words. 

Prince Harry’s been accused of ‘fake activism’

Prince Harry visits the British High Commissioner
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex visits the British High Commissioner | Samir Hussein/WireImage

After Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in May 2018, he started seriously stepping up his game in terms of social issues. Seemingly fueled by his desire to create a better world for his family, the prince started speaking out at environmental conferences and letting everyone know exactly where he and Markle stood.

Prince Harry has made several bold statements in the past year, including claiming that he and Markle would only have two children at maximum because of potential negative effects on the environment.

All of his work has not been without backlash, however. Prince Harry has been accused of being a “fake activist,” not for what he says, but because his words haven’t always matched up completely with his actions. In fact, at one point, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took four private jets in the space of 11 days.

Private jets are much more unhealthy for the environment than flying commercial would have been, and royal followers blasted Prince Harry for his actions. While Prince Harry did eventually address the controversy by saying that he flies private on occasion for the privacy of his family and admitting that “we can all do better,” it did little to quiet the flurry of negative press.

Prince Harry believes that everyone is a part of the problem

In his September 29th essay, Prince Harry opened up once again about his commitment to saving the planet. He stated that he believes people should be at the heart of the conservation issue and that “we are all part of the problem in some way.”

He claimed that many people simply aren’t aware of the damage being caused to the planet and that it is vital everyone gets involved and do their part.

What does Prince Harry think everyone should do to save the planet?

Prince Harry didn’t just describe the issues that he sees – he also outlined a plan for how everyone around the world can get involved in the conservation effort. He claims that “community-based eco-tourism” is an excellent opportunity to achieve “balance,” and that it would work through communities allowing everyone to become “equal financial partners” through mentorship.

Prince Harry ended his essay by reinstating his belief that conservation is fundamental to survival and that it is important for everyone to overcome whatever issues they might have with one another and work together in order to make a difference.

It definitely seems as though Prince Harry intends to forge ahead with his work on behalf of the environment, no matter what negative feedback he receives. Currently, Prince Harry is in Africa, touring the country with Meghan Markle and their son, Archie Harrison.

The couple has made a number of new fans while in Africa, and the positive reception that they have gotten, as they travel with little Archie, could point towards a whole new beginning for the royal couple.

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