Prince Harry Gushes About Baby Archie: ‘Can’t Imagine Life Without His Son’

Proud dad alert! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are pretty new parents, having just welcomed baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor last week, but Prince Harry is already gushing about how in love he is with their son.

Prince Harry The Duke Of Sussex Visits Oxford
Prince Harry | Toby Melville – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry talks about baby Archie

No doubt, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been adjusting to their new roles, but Prince Harry is definitely enamored with their new addition, telling a parent during a children’s hospital visit in Oxford that he “can’t imagine life without his son.”

Prince Harry visited the Oxford Children’s Hospital where he met mother of two Ida Scullard, whose three-year-old son Emmett, is in remission after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Scullard had a chat with Prince Harry about his newborn son, as she explained: “Harry asked me if she was over the stormy period as babies are supposed be grumpy for the first 10 weeks — and she is.”

She added, “He said he’s getting used to the baby and how Archie has fitted into family life. He said he just feels part of the family and he can’t imagine life without his son.”

Prince Harry, The Duke Of Sussex Visits Oxford
Prince Harry | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Harry met his fans, who gave him gifts and cards

Prince Harry visited a number of organizations during the trip, where crowds gathered outside to talk to him and give him gifts and cards to congratulate him and Markle on their baby’s birth.

13-year-old former patient Daisy Wingrove gave him a locally made ‘Witney’ teddy bear to give to Archie. Prince Harry also took the time to kneel down and speak with young children, collecting a number of cards from his littlest fans outside a community center. He told them: “You guys have been very busy!,” as he gathered their cards.

He also assured them: “When I’m awake at 4 o’clock in the morning, I’ll read all these.”

He spent time talking with patients and families

Prince Harry chatted with some of the parents of the older children in the hospital, with one mother, Sally Wade, recounting how she shared the story of her five-year-old daughter Georgia, who was recently diagnosed with a kidney tumor and was receiving chemotherapy treatment and needed a blood transfusion.

She shared Prince Harry’s response, noting, “He said it must be really difficult. He was so sympathetic and lovely that it made me cry. Then he asked the photographers to back off, because he could see that I was getting upset. It is upsetting being here. When somebody is nice to me I just blub. He genuinely seemed concerned.”

She added: “He gave me a hug — he said, ‘Come here’ and gave me a hug” and when she noted that they were not allowed to take any pictures of him, he told her, “Of course, you are — don’t be silly.”

When Wade asked him about why he wasn’t at home with his newborn, she explained: “He said, ‘It’s fine. He basically sleeps the whole time at the moment. He won’t know I’ve gone.’”

She continued, noting, “I said, ‘You must be totally in love with him.’ He said, ‘Yes I am.’”

Why isn’t Prince Harry taking paternity leave?

Many royal fans have wondered, as this is Prince Harry’s second royal engagement following the birth of Archie, why he isn’t taking paternity leave.

According to a report from The Mirror, a friend of Harry’s noted: “He doesn’t need to take paternity leave because he doesn’t work in the way most people do but he thinks it’s a very modern dad thing to do.”