The Adorable Way Prince Harry is Helping Meghan Markle Through Her Pregnancy

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting their first child later in the year. But with pregnancy comes a few things Meghan can’t enjoy, and Prince Harry has her back. Here’s the cute way Harry is sticking by his wife’s side through her first pregnancy.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Visit Edinburgh

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Andrew Milligan – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Harry and Meghan first announced their pregnancy in October 2018

Harry and Meghan had a high-profile wedding back in May 2018. When the couple got engaged, there were rumors that they wanted to start a family soon after they married. And those rumors proved to be true. In October 2018, Kensington Palace announced that the new royal couple was expecting their first child the following spring. Meghan has glowed with her baby bump, and the couple appear to be extremely excited about the newest addition to their family. Despite rumors about problems occurring between Meghan and Kate Middleton, plus supposed issues between Harry and Prince William, the whole palace seems overjoyed that Meghan and Harry are expecting.

They aren’t allowed to know the gender of the baby

Although the couple is very excited to meet their new child, they don’t actually know what they’re having. It’s royal tradition that the parents don’t know the gender of their baby until it arrives. Will and Kate been through three pregnancies, and she has never learned the gender beforehand. It won’t be any different with Meghan and Harry, which definitely adds to the couple’s eagerness of the baby’s arrival.

Meghan has had to give up a few things during her pregnancy

Every pregnancy comes with certain restrictions, since fetal development is extremely important to a baby’s future well-being. Mothers-to-be must give up alcohol and caffeine intake while their baby is in the womb. Women also shouldn’t eat raw meat or shellfish, as well as smoked seafood and any fish with high mercury levels (such as tuna). Women must also avoid certain medications and are limited to certain workouts as well. And while many men try their best to be there for their pregnant partners, one of the most important things they can do is support their partners throughout the pregnancy. And Harry does just that.

Harry reportedly stopped drinking caffeine and alcohol along with his new wife

When Meghan got pregnant, it meant she had to make some serious lifestyle readjustments for the next nine months. That includes giving up alcohol, coffee, and tea. Harry was a big drinker from the time he was a teenager, so giving up alcohol would be a huge adjustment for him. But according to sources close to the couple, Meghan asked that he give up those two things during her pregnancy, and he gladly agreed. Friends of his have said he’s become a more relaxed person since marrying Meghan. He also eats much healthier and exercises more often. Plus, before Meghan was even carrying Harry’s first child, she was able to get him to quit smoking. It shows that Harry is dedicated to pleasing his new wife and is wants to always do his best for her. And it also reassures that Meghan isn’t going through her first pregnancy alone.

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